Master Bath Remodel Ideas

Thinking about remodeling your master bathroom? With such an exciting project and so many options to consider, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about some incredible master bath remodel ideas! Sleek showers, fireplaces next to the tub for a warming feel, or perhaps you have found some beautiful inspiration by searching online and have already chosen which direction to go in. Daydreaming about your master bathroom remodeling project can be a lot of fun.

At Bathroom Pros, we can help make that dream of yours a reality by ensuring we design with your vision in mind and that it’s completed the right way! So, let’s take a look at some fantastic bathroom remodeling ideas for your home!

Some Exciting Choices

Steam showers? A beachy feel? Perhaps the traditional or the modern with some accent lighting? So many possibilities to make your vision come true and to be able to relax in the bathroom of your dreams. There are a lot of choices not only including the design, but also some of the options for vanities, flooring, and the best way to achieve them all within your budget.

Here Are Four Exciting Bathroom Remodeling Style Ideas

Clean & Fresh

Looking for a fresh and clean feel in your bathroom? This classic design is a go-to for bathroom remodeling because it creates a bright and airy feel while also giving you all of the comforts of a low-maintenance, yet updated, design. One way to create a clean and fresh look is to incorporate a base color, typically white or ivory, to ensure a clean palette. Many homeowners will also expand their windows and add light white drapes. The best trait about the clean design look is that bringing in natural elements increases the sense of cleanliness.

There are many homeowners that will accent the space with natural flowers, typically in a transparent vase to continue the authenticity of the space. This will also add a pop of color. Some elements are typically either marble or a succinct subway tile, matched by a shower or tub that is also a complementing shade of white. Bringing nature by adding windows or a touch of the outdoors creates harmony in this clean and fresh bathroom space.

Grand & Opulent

Looking for extreme luxury? Do you have a penchant for the glamorous lifestyle? A grand and opulent master bathroom remodel can include metallics such as gold or silver as well as accentuating mirrors throughout to extend the glow of opulent lighting. A grand tub is the center point of the room and heated floors are typically part of this type of remodel.

Marble flooring is a good choice for the grand and opulent bathroom space because of the range of tile strains available in many colors, including gold, making it a solid choice. Adding lighting fixtures like a crystal chandelier or gold can complete this look.

The Crisp Beach

Ah, living in New Jersey means access to the beach. So, what better way of designing your bathroom remodel than choosing the crisp beach look? Now, this look can go in many directions as many homeowners enjoy the tradition with shiplap on the walls and treated driftwood on the floors with a deep navy blue and white covering the walls. However, you may be thinking of the crisp beach as more of a tropical feel with a Japanese tub, greens and blues, high extended ceilings, with a teak floor in the extended open shower.

With Bathroom Pros, we can help you to figure out how to make this a fun and exciting process while figuring out exactly what you are looking for.

Ultra Modern

Perhaps you are not looking for traditional, glamorous, or even the beach. Perhaps the ultra-modern feel is your style? Maybe the clean lines, freestanding bathtubs, and shower filled with accessories that can be programmed and connected to your wifi and devices are more your style. Sound like the right fit? Some homeowners choose to remove their entire bath and tub from an area and have a huge wall shower that extends the entire wall, leading to an amazing feeling of space and serenity.

Basalt floors, large windows, and an open concept feel are popular as well as rustic or masculine updates, with reclaimed wood floors and copper.

Why Should I Choose A Full Bathroom Remodel?

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk into a Japanese soaking tub? Or maybe you dream of a steam shower with the full options of multiple showerheads and settings. Perhaps, you want the distinctive feel of a claw foot tub. When you start on the project of remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to keep both your budget and your design in mind. Focusing on your space and the variants on showers vs. tub, or the combined version, there are choices.

Both Rebath and Bath Fitter are options, but with Bathroom Pros doing a total remodeling on your bathroom, you actually get so much more. We design not only to measurements, but we inspect your plumbing, the structure, and your entire space to ensure that everything is taken care of. It’s not just a retrofit project. It’s the real deal. We design with you in mind and focus on quality, your design vision, and the right materials to make it a reality.

Bathroom Pros Has You In Mind

Our reputation is something we are very proud of here at Bathroom Pros. Helping our clients throughout New Jersey and ensuring they are satisfied is paramount to our success. Because we are licensed and experienced, we know we are the best choice for your bathroom remodeling project.

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We are very excited to discuss the style and the options we provide and answer all of your questions! Feel free to check out our showroom to gather up some wonderful inspiration! We look forward to hearing from you soon!