3 Money-Saving Corners You Shouldn’t Cut
For A Bathroom Remodel Project

The average price of a bathroom remodel may initially seem too expensive, but there’s a good reason for this – remodeling a bathroom is no easy task to accomplish. That said, working with a contractor is a great way to save money on your remodel. However, there are some methods for wisely cutting corners and saving money without searching for bath remodeling companies immediately.

However, what many homeowners think are appropriate corners to cut end up becoming disasters when they realize they’ve gotten in too far over their heads.

Here are three common money-saving corners to avoid when attempting to reduce the average bathroom remodel price.

Designing Without Professional Help

Many homeowners attempt to reduce the average bathroom remodel price by designing without professional help. They believe by having the materials they want ready to go, the only thing needed is the installation of those materials.

This comes with many complications because the design selection and installation processes work hand-in-hand. Often, you must consider specific cuts, sizes, and compatibility considerations for each unique bathroom space.

One pitfall homeowners make when attempting to design on their own is this – not having a realistic idea of how all the materials will look in their real-world scenarios. When shopping for materials in a hardware store or showroom, it’s vital to remember the materials will almost always look different in your bathroom.

Bath remodeling companies that include a free design consultation in their remodel process are recommended to avoid this corner-cutting strategy while saving money.

The DIY Approach

Since most homeowners don’t have the same level of knowledge as an experienced contractor, going the DIY route in an attempt to bring down the average price of a bathroom remodel can be dangerous.

Tasks Involving Glass

One example of a task that may seem simple but is complicated is removing a bathroom mirror. It may seem easy enough, but many bathroom mirrors have been mounted for a long time and might be stubborn to remove. If forced, they risk shattering, which could disperse thousands of pieces of glass in the process.

Improper Or Unavailable Tools

Tools can get expensive – unless a homeowner uses them for projects beyond the work needed for a bathroom remodel; the price of the tools alone may top the average cost of a bathroom remodel.

Bath remodeling companies often have specialized equipment for more demanding and specific jobs – like cutting through existing fiberglass bathtubs. In cases like these, the proper list of required tools is specific, and unless you know how to use and care for them properly, you may have a difficult time.


From forgetting to turn off the main water line to over tightening valves – plumbing issues stemming from a DIY bath remodeling project can be catastrophic for a homeowner.

When dealing with water and piping, improper action can lead to severe water damage in a home. We highly recommend searching for licensed plumbers or bath remodeling companies who specialize in plumbing to avoid water damage disasters.

Unless you know what you’re doing with 100% confidence, avoid dealing with any plumbing whatsoever, given the high stakes of water damage to your home.

Air Particles And General Safety

A dangerous yet easily avoidable mistake is a homeowner not having proper personal protection when remodeling their bathroom.

An example of this could be cutting through any fiberglass material without eye and respiratory protection and not adequately ventilating the small bathroom space.

Choosing A Cheaper But Inefficient Contractor

Shoddy work, asking for payments upfront, sales pressures – these are just a few of the unfortunate ways the home remodeling industry has been less than trustworthy. Bath remodeling companies can take advantage of the naive homeowner who doesn’t know any better.

Here are some common red flags to look out for if a bath remodeling company’s prices seem too good to be true:

  • Deposit amount – while this varies from state to state, the normal range for any deposit is 10% – 30% of the project’s overall cost. Homeowners should treat anything more with suspicion.
  • Lack of references – another red flag to be aware of are contractors who do not have adequate references vouching for past work completed. Ensure the references are real, paying customers with proof of work.
  • No permanent business location – an address alone won’t cut it. Be sure to visit the actual site of business to ensure they are who they say they are, and with a legal place of business.

Finally, when searching for bath remodeling companies, it’s greatly recommended to ensure they are highly reviewed, certified, insured, and evaluated with seals of approval by various organizations and governing bodies.

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Efficient Contractor?

Bringing down the average price of a bathroom remodel is no easy task – but there are ways to do it. Keep in mind, though, that without professional help, seemingly simple tasks can become increasingly overwhelming.

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