We’re The NJ Bathroom Remodeler With A No-Nonsense, No-Strings, No-Runaround LIFETIME WARRANTY

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Most remodeling companies hope you won’t ask about their warranties. Because then they’ll have to let you know about a warranty that expires 1 or 2 years after your remodeling project — and is full of language designed to throw you off the scent of a worthless guarantee.

Our warranty is COMPLETELY the opposite. We’re the New Jersey bathroom remodeler with a warranty that actually does what it’s supposed to!

We warranty our products for LIFE — because that’s how long our products are supposed to last. We say everything in plain, simple, English — because the last thing we want you to be is confused. And we keep it short and sweet so that you can know without a doubt that there are NO loopholes.

Peace Of Mind FOR LIFE

The floors and walls of your bathroom, and everything in it, are constantly exposed to moisture, so we make sure that our products are super-resistant to water damage and mold. Bathrooms are also high-traffic areas, so they need to be made of durable products that will hold up well even with a lot of foot-traffic.

When we install our products, they’re supposed to last you a VERY long time. Take our acrylic products, for example. They’re made to be durable, high quality, and resistant to warping and peeling . Once you remodel your bathroom, it should be GOOD FOR LIFE. And if it’s not, then that’s on us — and that’s why our warranty exists.

NO Jargon

Unless you have a master’s degree in reading gibberish, most warranties are basically indecipherable — intentionally, of course. If you can’t understand a document, how can you ever hold a company responsible for what it says? Most warranties are designed to confuse you.

In our warranty, we make sure to steer clear of the kind of word usage that is unnecessarily sophisticated, redundant, or meant to be vague. Our rule is: if a middle-schooler won’t understand it, don’t write it! We hold ourselves accountable to our customers — and that means that we do everything we can to be straightforward and open with you.

ZERO Loopholes

Our warranty CLEARLY says that if the surface of your product fades, yellows, cracks, bubbles, or peels, we will repair or replace your product free of charge. We don’t have any loopholes — legal, or otherwise — because we’re not trying to get out of anything. What you read is what you get.

Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval

If one warranty gives you peace of mind, what do TWO warranties give you?

Our products are stamped with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

This means that in addition to the ironclad warranty Bathroom Pros gives you, Good Housekeeping also has your back.

If something goes wonky with your bathroom within 2 years after installation, Good Housekeeping will repair, refund, or replace the product.

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We’re the New Jersey remodeler who has an ironclad warranty because we FULLY believe in our products. If you’re an NJ homeowner, and you’re looking for a remodeling company that is straight-up with you ALL THE TIME, contact Bathroom Pros.

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