7 Pros Of Tub To Shower Conversions
In New Jersey… And 2 Cons

Converting To A Shower Is A Huge Plus
For Many NJ Homeowners. Here’s Why…

Are you more of a “shower” person or a “bath” person? Does your current tub or shower have high walls that make it impractical? Are you just plain tired of looking at your worn-out old tub? If so, consider the benefits of a tub to shower conversion for your New Jersey home.

Tub to shower conversions are one of the most popular types of bathroom remodels. They’re one of the quickest, most budget-friendly kinds of bathroom transformations. Many tub to shower projects can be done in as little as one day!

With that said, it’s always a good idea to consider the pros and cons of any major home-improvement project. So here are the benefits — and potential drawbacks — of a tub to shower conversion.

7 Pros Of A Tub To Shower Conversion

There are a lot of benefits to converting your bathtub into a shower — enhanced looks, better functionality, increased home value, and more.

Here’s a close look at these benefits:

1. The Shower Becomes Your Bathroom’s Focal Point

When you walk into your current bathroom, what catches your eye? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never thought about it.
But when you convert your old tub into a beautiful shower? That shower becomes the focal point of your bathroom — a gorgeous centerpiece that wows everyone who sees it.

2. It’s A Great Way To Modernize Your Bathroom

In reality, most people take showers rather than baths. After all, who really has the time to sit down and enjoy a nice long soak in the tub? Converting the tub to a shower is a way to modernize your bathroom.

Plus, most old bathtubs are outdated fiberglass that screams the 1990s! Imagine this to a stylish glass shower with mosaic tile and a rainfall showerhead. It will give your whole bathroom a modern look… one that you’ll absolutely love!

3. You Can Sit Back And Relax (If You Want To)

When you are converting a tub to a shower, what may surprise you is just how large this shower can be. It can be so large that a bench is placed into the shower, allowing you to have a place to sit if you just want to enjoy the steam and hot water for a while. Plus, it looks amazing!

4. A Shower Is Better For Mobility Issues

For older adults who have mobility issues, having a shower rather than a tub is often an issue of safety. If you have mobility issues, replacing your tub with a shower can greatly improve your safety. A tub requires you to get in, sit down, stand up and step out, giving many opportunities for falls and pain from the joints. A shower is going to avoid all these issues, so if you do have mobility issues, a shower is going to be the safer option.

5. So. Much. Space

You may not know it, but turning your tub into a walk-in shower can greatly increase the space of your bathing area. You’ll no longer be “boxed in” by the chunky rim of your old tub. It’s a surprisingly freeing experience!

6. Decrease Your Energy Costs

Studies have shown that showers are more energy-efficient compared to baths. Converting a tub to a shower is going to have more people in your home taking a shower, so you could see the savings via your energy bills. Plus, who doesn’t want to be more green in how they live?

7. Add Value To Your Home

Renovating your bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Converting your tub to shower is a great modern upgrade that many buyers will flip over!

2 Cons Of A Tub To Shower Conversion

While there are tons of benefits to having a tub to shower conversion in your bathroom, there are a few drawbacks that have to be taken into consideration to make a well-informed decision.

1. May Remove The Only Tub In The House

When you do a tub to shower conversion, this could remove the only tub that you have in your home. This could potentially affect you if you were to sell this, and someone definitely wants a tub in their home. Therefore, before committing to a conversion, be sure that you will not miss having a tub in your home.

2. May Not Be A Good Option For A Family With Small Children

If there is not another tub in the home, those with small children may find that a tub to shower conversion is not the best option. Most smaller children are going to be bathed by their parents, thus there is still a need for a tub in the home.

Ready To Convert A Tub To Shower?

If you decide that a tub to shower conversion is the better option for your home, then you need bathroom remodeling contractors that know how to do this to ensure it is a proper fit. We are the bathroom remodeling company to contact for a tub to shower conversion.

We offer over 100 designs to choose from ranging from traditional to modern designs to fit your ideas. In addition:

  • A tub to shower conversion can be completed in your home in just one day!
  • The new shower comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • The previous tub is completely removed, and any moisture-related damage is repaired before installing the shower
  • We have tons of safety features you can add to the shower including, grab bars, benches, removable shower heads, slip-resistant flooring, and corner shelving
  • The showers will be acrylic, meaning no more issues with cleaning as acrylic is mold and mildew resistant

The professionals at Bathroom Pros NJ are the bathroom remodeling contractors to choose for your tub to shower conversion. With great reviews from prior customers, and a free consultation on your project, we are here to ensure this conversion is smooth and you are happy with the end results. Contact us today to get started on your tub to shower conversion.