What are the Benefits of a Walk in Tub with Shower Enclosure?

Walk in tubs are tubs that come with a door placed on either the side or the front of the tub. An individual therefore does not have to lift their leg at the point of entry. Walk in tubs with shower enclosures have become increasingly popular, as an alternative to the traditional bathtub. The reason behind this is that they offer many benefits and remedy many issues that come with traditional tubs. This article looks at the five benefits of a walk in tub with shower enclosure.

It Helps Individuals with Mobility Problems

The first main advantage of a walk in tub is that it is a good remedy for individuals with mobility problems. Walk in tubs with shower enclosures have very good doors that open and close easily, which is a major reason as to why they are also typically found in retirement homes. Their ease of access is enhanced, as they contain an ultra-low step compared to the traditional bathtub. These features make a walk in tub a perfect fit for individuals with any mobility issues.

In addition to this, walk in tubs with shower enclosures come fitted with handrails and seats, which protect bathroom users from any potential slip-ups. The pads in the tub also help ensure your head constantly lies above the water. Since you step into a low threshold, your safety is much heightened. Their anti-slip flooring also comes in handy to ensure that there is limited slipping.

It Increases Your Home’s Value

Installing a walk in tub with shower enclosure helps raise the overall value of your home. Homebuyers are now looking for houses with features that ensure maximum accessibility. Therefore, having a feature like a walk in tub greatly boosts your home’s value. This is vital especially when you are looking to sell your house in the near future.

It Has a Multi-Function Showerhead

A walk in tub with shower enclosure comes with a showerhead, which allows you to vary the spray patterns from gentle to highly concentrated setting with a very great massage feel. With this feature, you can be able to enjoy the feeling of your traditional shower without having to install a tub and shower separately.

It May Have Hydrotherapy and Chromo Therapy Features

Most walk in tubs have hydrotherapy jets and other accompanying features such as chromo therapy lighting and heated seating. Hydrotherapy helps reduce any bodily aches and aids those patients with conditions such as arthritis. It also assists to relax the muscles. These features are great, especially for those homeowners looking for a spa-like experience in their normal bathroom.

It Has a Higher Water Depth

The eliminated need to step over a tall wall ensures that the walk in tub has a higher depth of nearly four feet in comparison to the traditional standard bathtub, which has a depth of 13 to 14 inches. This ensures that your torso shall be well immersed.

It Helps Save Water

It is good to dispel the myth that a walk in tub consumes much more water gallons than a traditional bathtub. The traditional tub holds about 50 gallons whereas the walk in tub carries around 42 gallons of water when filled to the brim. It is therefore clear that walk in tubs are not as huge as they visually appear to be.

It Has an Ergonomic Seat

A walk in tub with shower enclosure has an ergonomic seat, which ensures one is well positioned and upright while bathing. It also makes sure that there is minimal pressure on the feet and the legs.

It is Easy to Install  

A walk in tub with shower enclosure can be installed in less than a day and further. This is as long it fits the space occupied by your previous traditional tub. The installation is not therefore overly technical and it you do not need to do a complete bathroom overhaul.

A walk in tub with shower enclosure should be highly considered by individuals looking to remodel their bathrooms for maximum accessibility and function. When choosing the right walk in tub with enclosure for your bathroom, be sure to pick the one that provides the most comfort, safety and is also pocket friendly. By paying attention to this, you will have a walk in tub that adds class and elegance to your bathroom.  It is also vital to involve the services of a professional when installing your walk in tub with shower enclosure. Experts will help ensure you get the best possible look at the right cost.