What is the Easiest and Best Bathroom Flooring to Install?

Flooring is one of the most technical things in a remodel project. In case you desire to have a simple and basic task in your bathroom renovation, you should consider bathroom flooring that is relatively easy to install. This entails flooring that can be installed as a DIY project and without any overly complicated and difficult installation procedures.

The ease of installation is therefore a very crucial factor in your consideration of the best and easiest bathroom flooring to install. However, there is a wide array of options available that this might render it difficult for you to decide the best flooring for your space and specifically for your bathroom. This article discusses varying bathroom flooring options at your disposal with regard to the easiest one to install.

  • SPC Waterproof Vinyl Tile

This flooring with some rigid and waterproof core is quite easy to install. It is a great option as it gives you a look similar to that of wood in your bathroom where the installation of real wood would never be an option. Moreover, it can also be easily installed over radiant floors thus making it ideal.

The WPC and SPC vinyl tiles entail several layers. One of the layers is the attached cork underlayment, which renders the installation quite easy. More so, this layer also reduces the installation cost and time. Briefly, this kind of waterproof vinyl can be installed as a DIY project hence all you require would be just some time and guidelines from the given manufacturer. This kind of installation is very simple and thus you will not need to seek the services of a professional installer.

  • Rigid Core Engineered Wood

This rigid and waterproof core is also very easy to install. Similarly, installing rigid core engineered wood can be undertaken as a DIY task without any technicalities. It is not very tough or difficult to install as it comes with a very simple click that renders the whole process quite easy. More so, it can also float over the old and existing flooring hence making it a quite fitting bathroom option.

  • Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

Installing water resistant laminate flooring is a task that can easily be undertaken as a DIY. This is attained by the use of an easy and simple interlocking design, which everyone can do. It is therefore quite easy to install.

  • WPC Vinyl tile

WPC stands for wood, plastic, and vinyl and this tile is very easy and simple to install. It and makes a good fit for bathroom flooring as it is also waterproof. This is in stark contrast to porcelain or ceramic tiles, which are very difficult to install.

Complicated Bathroom Flooring Options to Install

Some flooring options might be relatively difficult to install. These should be avoided in case you want a simple installation and they include the following:

  • Ultra-Thin Gauged Floor Tiles

They might be cheaper to ship but they are very tricky to install. Even if they are cost effective, you should steer away from them if you want a simple DIY task, as they are overly difficult to set in place. They often necessitate the hiring of a professional who can cut and lay the tile accordingly.

  • Natural Stone Tiles

They are also very tough to put in place. They are difficult to DIY unless you opt to cut and lay the stone tiles when you have a lot of free time. It is the kind of floor installation that is often undertaken only by experienced professionals.

The aforementioned are therefore very good flooring solutions for any given bathroom. The ease of installation culminates into the reduction of the costs involved. This article has therefore clearly demonstrated the various types of bathroom flooring that might be easy for you to install in your bathroom and those that you should avoid at all costs.

If you are looking for the easiest and best bathroom flooring to install, you should consider vinyl tile, water resistant laminate flooring and the rigid core engineered wood as they are of high quality and relatively easy to install. This ensures that your bathroom has some trendy and durable flooring with the accompanying ease of installation.

In conclusion, even as much as varying opinions abound with regard to the easiest bathroom flooring to install, this article has aided to illustrate the perfect bathroom flooring all predicated on the ease of installation as highlighted earlier. You should therefore make a very well and informed choice based on the foregoing.