Shower To Tub Conversions In Atlantic County, NJ

Atlantic County, NJ Shower To Tub
Conversions By Bathroom Pros NJ

Find Relaxation With A New Tub In Your
Atlantic County, NJ Home

Many people in the Atlantic County, NJ area have showers in their homes. While showers are all about convenience and speed, many people miss the relaxation and tranquility that comes with having a tub in their home.

In addition, many homes with families often need a tub for smaller children who are not quite ready to take a shower on their own yet. This means there is a need for a shower to tub conversions.

Many people think a shower to tub conversion is not possible due to the space being too little to put in a full tub or they wonder about whether the plumbing would match up. The good news is that the professionals at Bathroom Pros NJ can take your old shower and turn this into a tub that will completely change the way your bathroom functions.

Shower To Tub Conversions In Atlantic County, NJ

There are several reasons why people decide to have a shower to tub conversion. As mentioned beforehand, some people simply want a bathtub in their homes. Other times, people are tired of showers that may be more difficult to clean, or they find the shower itself is in need of some TLC when the surface is peeling, cracking, or chipping.

This is where Bathroom Pros NJ comes to the rescue. We can easily take your shower, rip this out, and put in a new tub. And what is even better, we do this in ONE day.

When we handle any type of shower to tub conversion, we have a step-by-step process we follow to ensure your new tub is amazing!

The Process Of Shower To Tub Conversions

The first step in the process is for you to choose exactly what type of tub you would like to go into your bathroom. Luckily, we have hundreds of designs that you can choose from so that you can find the one that fits the feel and mood that you are going for.

Afterward, we set up a time to come and do the demolition of taking out your shower. We check for any moisture damage underneath the shower and repair this if needed.

Then we install a waterproof barrier in this space. This is going to make everything fit even more snug, and it also prevents any moisture damage later in the future.

We then install the bathtub in multiple pieces. To ensure that it lasts for a lifetime, all of our tubs are double-thick acrylic. And this means that you no longer have to worry about stains, chips, or cracks because acrylic is such a long-lasting material.

Once the installation is done, we then clean up your bathroom so that it’s looking great and is ready for you to use, and we do all of this in just ONE day.

Why People Chose Bathroom Pros NJ

There are several reasons why people decide to go with Bathroom Pros NJ for their shower to tub conversion in their Atlantic County, NJ home. These reasons include.

  • We can do this in just one day instead of waiting for months and months for a contractor to rip out and give you a beautiful bathroom. This is super convenient for those who have hectic lives, and just want the project done so they can enjoy a new tub!
  • Since we use the rip and replace installation method, this means no liners. We’re giving you a top-quality product that other people cannot compete with.
  • This is an entirely stress-free process, which is an enormous burden lifted off the shoulders of homeowners.
  • We only use the best materials. All of our tubs and showers are acrylic. Acrylic is known for being very hard and durable.
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on the work we do. This is a guarantee that is not offered by just anyone, but thanks to our trained installation professionals, we know the job gets done correctly the first time.
  • Our reputation is all about the customer. We are known for being customer-focused. Our goal is to give you the bathroom of your dreams, whether it is a shower to tub conversion or a complete remodel. We listen to what our customers need and follow through on this design.

FAQ About Bathroom Remodels In Atlantic County, NJ

Q: Do we offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing as we realize that getting the bathroom of your dreams is not always in the budget. Our financing options allow you to make a low monthly payment that fits your budget and your needs.

Q: Are there situations in which this would take over one day?

We pride ourselves on our one-day bathroom remodel solutions. This being said, if there is an issue such as extreme moisture damage, we would talk to you about how it may take a little longer. However, we do always try to make it a one-day installation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“They were courteous, conscientious, efficient, hardworking and cleaned up afterwards better than it had been before.”
– Wendy B.

“I cannot stress enough how professional, efficient and friendly everyone was at Bathroom Pros. I would highly recommend their services!!”
– Robin M.

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If you’re ready to have a bathroom that includes a beautiful tub that allows you to relax and just let the stresses of the day melt away, then it is time to contact Bathroom Pros NJ for a free quote. We are ready and waiting to give you the bathroom of your dreams!