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These Easy Changes Can Make All The Difference
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Here at Bathroom Pros NJ, one of the largest sectors of customers we deal with in the Camden County, NJ, area are aging seniors and their families. They all come to us for one reason: to improve the accessibility of their bathrooms.

As homeowners age, they may find certain things that were once simple and easy are more challenging to accomplish. Activities like getting in and out of a regular bathtub or accessing the sink if you are using a wheelchair can be nearly impossible.

The bathroom in your Camden County, NJ, home could be one of the most significant barriers you face to maintaining your independence. However, the good news is that we have many services to ensure your bathroom works for you – and you can keep your freedom and peace of mind.

Bathroom Accessibility In Camden County, NJ

We offer many ADA-compliant luxury bathing options that will make your bathroom safer and offer you a high level of luxury. Our goal is for you to find comfort and relaxation in your bathroom – even with accessibility changes.

Walk-In Tub

Our walk-in tubs are one of the most common features people gravitate towards when they are ready to make a bathroom more accessible. Walk-in tubs will eliminate the need to step in and out of a traditional tub, decreasing the chances of falling.

We only use acrylic walk-in tubs within Camden County, NJ homes, so you can rest assured they will last many years and be easy to maintain. Plus, acrylic tubs have a shine and beauty that is hard to find with typical fiberglass products.

Barrier-Free Shower

A barrier-free shower is an excellent option for those looking to enter and exit more easily or maneuver their wheelchair into a shower. With a host of different features to choose from, our full line of accessible showers can be a great way to create your bathroom oasis – minus any safety issues you would see with a traditional shower.

Safety Features For Your Bathroom

A big part of making any bathroom more accessible is to keep safety in mind. Here are some of the safety features we can offer:

  • Corner shelving inside shower and tubs
  • Shower handles
  • Handheld shower heads
  • Bench seating
  • Grip bars inside showers and tubs
  • Slip-resistant flooring

Using a combination of strategic details, you can have an accessible bathroom that matches your individual needs.

Spa-Like Experience

When most people hear “accessible bathroom,” they probably don’t think of luxury.

However, just because you want to make your bathroom safer doesn’t mean you have to forgo the spa-like space of your dreams. We offer several options that can give you the spa-like experience you crave:

  • Ozone therapy
  • Rain shower heads
  • Aromatherapy diffusers
  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • Chromotherapy mood lighting

Why Do People Work With Bathroom Pros NJ?

For those searching for someone to handle their accessibility issues in their Camden County, NJ bathroom, there is no better choice than Bathroom Pros NJ. Here’s why people turn to us to create their new bathroom:

  1. Our devotion to customer satisfaction is apparent in the hundreds of excellent reviews we have received from past customers. Our dedication to ensuring you get what you want is always at the top of the list of why people call us.
  2. In most cases, our bathroom upgrades to make your Camden County, NJ, bathroom more accessible will be completed within one day.
  3. Our installation method is the rip-and-replace method. We are not using a flimsy liner to cover the old in your bathroom.
  4. We offer a lifetime guarantee because we are confident in the quality craftsmanship of our excellent workers and the products we utilize.
  5. We are trained in ADA accessibility, meaning we know what will work for you, and we can give informed recommendations about issues that may not be on your radar.

FAQ About Bathroom Accessibility

Q: Can We Help With Bathrooms That Need To Be Wheelchair Friendly?

Absolutely! We can recommend several items to help make your bathroom wheelchair friendly. We can discuss this during the initial consultation to give you ideas of what we can do with your project.

Q: Are Our Quotes Free?

Yes! You should not have to pay someone to give you a quote on the work that you need to be completed in your Camden County, NJ bathroom. Our quotes have always been free and our process will never change.

Q: Do We Offer Special Deals For Seniors?

Seniors are a typical demographic that comes to us for accessibility issues in their bathrooms. For that reason, we do offer specials throughout the year. When you contact us, ask about any current senior specials we may have.

Q: Will Installing A Barrier-Free Shower Or Walk-In Tub Affect The
Structure Of The Bathroom?

No! When we enter a bathroom, we work within the space where your old tub or shower is sitting. We will not knock out walls or the like to make something fit. We can order our barrier-free showers or walk-in tubs to fit the exact dimensions of your space for a perfect fit.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Your technicians were very professional, courteous and personal when redoing our bathroom. We are very pleased with our new walk-in shower.”
– Charles R.

“The attention to the details, cleanup and the actual tearing out the tub and replacing with a beautiful walk-in shower was professional and amazing!”
– Susan R.

“I had my shower remodeled by Bathroom Pros and they did a fantastic job! Scheduling was fast and easy. Install was clean and done very well.”
– Charquelle M.

“Bathroom Pros did a great job with my remodel tub to walk-in shower. Very professional, very easy to work with. I highly recommend them!”
– Joan T.

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If accessibility is an issue in your Camden County, NJ bathroom, it is time to make some changes. These changes could make all the difference in maintaining your independence at home.

For your Camden County, NJ, bathroom accessibility issues, get a free quote today by contacting us or calling us at 732-285-1010.