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Good morning, midday, or afternoon to you. Looking for lighting-fast, premium, and affordable bathroom remodeling and renovation in Freehold, NJ? Bathroom Pros New Jersey provides top-notch, easy-access bathroom remodeling…in as little as ONE DAY.

Whether you’re ready for a modern feature-packed bathtub, walk-in shower, or full-service bathroom makeover, our solutions are both gorgeous AND practical. You’ll love how low-maintenance our products are, and the fact they last for LIFE!

Contact us… and make bathing a relaxing, stress-free experience.

Bathroom Remodeling Services For Freehold, NJ

One-Day Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Is your bathtub old, really boring to look at, and without any customizations whatsoever? Having a harder and harder time getting into and out of it?

Need a better solution that’s charming, quick, and low-maintenance? We can replace your bathtub with an open walk-in shower…in as little as ONE DAY.

Our tub-to-shower conversions are impeccable, stylish, and affordable. The easiest way to add layers of functionality and beauty without major remodeling.

One-Day Shower Remodeling

We can also replace your boring outdated or potentially dangerous shower with a premium walk-in shower. Ultra-safe. Spa-level features. Transformative.

Our walk-in showers require little-to-no maintenance, come guaranteed for life, and you’ll find they’re a far better investment of your money. Our factory-trained craftsmen will install it into your bathroom using your existing space with absolute attention to detail.

Bathtub Remodeling

When your bathtub becomes too much of a chore to keep clean, we can help. When the cracks won’t stop spreading, the cheap paint begins bubbling, and your tub looks just plain worse for the wear? Call Bathroom Pros.

Rest assured, bathtub replacement doesn’t have to be the time-consuming mess or headache it used to be. Bathroom Pros can professionally replace your tub with a gorgeous new model in as little as ONE DAY.

These are NOT cookie-cutter, cheap tubs you find in big box stores. Your new tub will be custom manufactured out of premium materials for a perfect fit without invasive remodeling.

Two-Day Full Bathroom Remodeling

We can comprehensively transform your bathroom with a new, functional, and ultra-comfortable remodel…in just TWO DAYS.

Without having to leave your bathroom’s existing footprint, your head-to-toe transformation will address virtually every component in the space: flooring, walls, vanity, cabinets, shower, tub, lighting, fixtures, and more.

Like we said… head to toe!

Walk-In Tub Installation

Are you tired of having to step in and out of your tub and worry about falling?

Are you advanced in years and need bathing to be a safe relaxing part of your life?

Then take a few minutes to consider a luxury-comfort walk-in tub from Bathroom Pros New Jersey.

Our walk-in tubs are premium. They’re made here in America. And they come with all of the ultra-safe features you would expect: anti-fall, anti-slip, no-barrier entry, as well as spa-quality therapy options. Afterward, you’ll enjoy the best bathing experience of your life for the rest of your days.

Why Bathroom Pros New Jersey

Thorough Tub/Shower Replacement

Once you’re ready to invest in special ONE DAY bathroom renovations, you’ve got two kinds to choose from.

The first is called a Liner Installation. If all you want is a cheap, flimsy, thin cover to go over your existing shower or bathtub area, these are the way to go. Bathroom Pros doesn’t install liners because they’re too low-quality, they don’t allow us to repair the space, they’re susceptible to moisture penetration…and THEY DON’T LAST.

The second type of one-day bathroom renovation is what Bathroom Pros specializes in — referred to as Rip & Replace. This is where our factory-certified installers fully remove the old stuff, repair the space, then install waterproof barriers before building your new tub or shower from scratch with PREMIUM materials.

The result?

Superior performance, 100% protection against moisture, and unequaled durability.
Done in as little as a day, with no mess, and for a similar price!

Hassle-Free Process

The Bathroom Pros reputation is built on a foundation of stress-free, worry-free, and cost-effective remodeling projects. Every step we take, we take with YOUR complete satisfaction in mind.

Here’s a brief look at how we stress-proof your remodeling experience:

  • Smooth Empathetic Guidance: Worried you’re going to have no idea what to choose with so many options and products? Don’t be. Bathroom Pros consultants aren’t trained in sales, but helping someone in your shoes feel comfortable and confident.
  • Crystal-Clear Communication: From the initial phone call, through to that final “Job well done!” walkthrough, expect us to keep you completely in the loop. Part of a great remodeling experience is responsive, crystal-clear communication.
  • Thorough Preparation: With so much extensive experience under our belts, we know how to come not just prepared, but over-prepared. You’ll never see our crews embarrassingly forget a critical tool or part.
  • Step-By-Step Respect: We’re not just remodeling experts, but homeowners as well. We’re raising our families in this area too! You can expect Bathroom Pros to treat you and your home with the utmost respect and consideration. Period.

For step-by-step details on how we make your entire experience Stress Free, visit Our Process page.

Premium-Caliber Products

Because your bathroom renovation is a serious move to make for your home, we use only premium materials. We know this isn’t just a financial investment…but an emotional one that involves your family.

We also know you want to REMAIN in love with your bathroom 5, 10, and 20 years from now. While every company says they stick with top-notch materials, here’s how you KNOW Bathroom Pros New Jersey walks the walk:

    • Double-Thick Acrylic: Forget the thin flimsy liners. Our tubs and walk-in showers are made with double-thick, heavy-duty acrylic that performs like new for LIFE.
    • Unrivaled Style Options: What happens when you work with a far less reputable and cheap remodeler? They make you choose from a mere handful of curated designs. With Bathroom Pros your consultant will help you navigate OVER 100!
    • Custom-Cut Materials: You don’t want an impersonal, completely non-custom liner that arrives in a big awkward roll. Instead, your new tub or walk-in shower will be precision-cut to exact specifications on-site for a perfect fit.
    • Made in The USA: The products we install are made in America under strict manufacturing standards. You don’t want to dabble in overseas junk when it comes to your bathroom remodel, and neither do Bathroom Pros.
    • Ultra-Simple Maintenance: Thanks to our special acrylic, your maintenance needs are reduced to a simple wipe down from time to time. No grout. No bacterial growth. No annoying mildew. No Mold.

Visit our Solutions page for more information about our bathroom products and materials. You can also use our FREE Design Your Dream Bathroom tool to create the perfect tub or shower area… right here, right now.

Lifetime Promise

We’re proud of the fact our heavy-duty acrylic products last for LIFE, but what does that really mean? Metal lasts a lot longer than the cars they create with it!

Simply put, it means you won’t EVER need to worry about your new tub fading, yellowing, cracking, bubbling up, or peeling. If there’s ever a problem, we’ll take care of it completely for as long as you live in your home — FULLY transferable if you sell your home within two years of installation.

Plus, we carry the ONLY bathroom products with the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval. This means Good Housekeeping will offer a refund of the purchase price or replacement up to $2,000 if a Seal Of Approval product is defective.

Bottom Line: When you choose Bathroom Pro, you get unrivaled protection on your investment.

Affordable Financing

What do we mean by easy financing? Options. Flexible financing options that make it easy for ANYONE to afford a luxury bathroom renovation in North, South, and Central New Jersey. That includes YOU.

Our most popular plan is No Interest, No Payment For 18 Months. We also offer amazing options like payments as low as $1.80 per day—yes, less than two bucks!

To explore many more budget-accommodating financing plans, simply reach out and Contact us. One of our customer service professionals will quickly, safely, and securely help you see what you qualify for without any obligation whatsoever.

Options For Seniors

Bathroom Pros helps a lot of seniors in the Freehold area and across New Jersey. It’s an honor. We specialize in easy-access, ultra-safe, luxury-comfort bathroom remodeling.

Have a bathtub that’s hard to step over? We can transform it into a beautiful barrier-free shower or walk-in tub.

Need a little extra support while you shower? We install premium-grade accessories like handheld showerheads, slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, and convenient bench seating.

Want to see what else you can expect to enjoy? Our tubs and showers come with high-class luxury bathing features*:

  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lighting
  • Aromatherapy Diffusers
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Rain Shower Heads
  • And MUCH More!

Bottom line:We make your bathing experience safe, accessible, and high-luxury.

*Features and options depend on the type of remodel. Contact us for details.

A Company You Can Trust

Above all, one part of our business that we’re exceptionally proud of is our reviews written by fellow homeowners from Freehold and across New Jersey. While what we say is important, what they have to tell you is even more so!

When you research our reputation, you’ll come across a near-spotless record in terms of results and customer service. From major platforms like Google to GuildQuality and Yelp, we cordially invite you to browse our feedback.

For more details about our reputation, visit the following pages of our site:

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