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Bathroom Remodeling Howell NJ

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor & Bathroom Renovation Specialist in Howell NJ

Bathroom remodeling or renovation one of the most effective ways to bring up your houses value and personal comfort. We offer multiple designs and configurations to best full-fill all your wants and needs. Bathroom renovation is often seen as an expensive and confusing process, but at Bathroom Pros we make it simple and budget friendly without sacrificing quality. Bathrooms are an extremely important part of your home and that is why we get it done from start to finish as fast as possible without any shortcuts. Remodeling a bathroom is usually more than just replacing a sink or tub, But that doesn’t mean it requires unnecessary expenses. We start saving you money from the beginning. With our free bathroom consultation we can get you started on your bathroom paradise in as little as a day!

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Bathroom Conversion Specialist, Tub to shower conversion services in Howell New Jersey

At Bathroom Pros we take good care of you and your home. Many people spend a large amount of time in their mornings and nights in the bathroom and we want to make your time as enjoyable as possible. Whether you prefer showers or baths our bathroom specialist can help get you started on your at home spa in a day. Like many of us, there is not always enough time in the day for a bath and we need to keep moving. No worries! Our walk in shower could be exactly what you are looking for. It has an easy access door and an optional bench for the days you want a bath like experience while also having the convenience of a walk in shower.

We also offer a tub to shower conversion. There are many benefits to a walk in shower over a bathtub. The most notable advantages are safety and time. It takes much less time to get clean in a shower than a bath. This is also a popular choice with the elderly community due to the safety benefits of its design. For the elderly or people having trouble stepping over the edge of a conventional tub, we have your solution! Our low entry walk in shower gives you the safety you need with the comfort you deserve. Bathroom Pros low entry walk in shower is built with multiple safety features to ensure you can take your showers in peace.

Bathroom Remodeling Specialist, Walk in Showers, & Tub Replacement in Howell NJ

At Bathroom Pros, we prove that bathroom remodeling does not have to cause you unnecessary stress, expenses, or time. We understand your time and money is valuable, so we save you both. You can schedule a time that best suits you, and our specialist will come to your house and go over all your options, see what you desire out of your bathroom, and devise a plan based on your specifications in as little as a day.

A walk in shower is one of the most practical ways to get clean and get back on the go. We offer walk in showers with a large variety of different features to accommodate all of your desires. Many of us enjoy a long relaxing shower, but there is often not enough time in the day to indulge in this fantasy. A walk in shower is also a safe option for people with decreased mobility. Our low entry walk in shower can offer the peace of mind that comes with a safe showering experience.

Some of the first signs your bathtub needs replacement include chipping, fading, or becoming increasingly difficult to clean. No need to worry Bathroom Pros has you covered! We offer several designs, colors, and configurations that that will not only look desirable but feel exquisite as well. We offer all of this with our lifetime warranty to ensure your trust in us. Contact us today!

Howell has been an established part of New Jersey since 1801. Since then, portions of Howell were given to form brick township in 1850, along with Wall, and Farmingdale in years later.

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