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If you’re a Manchester, NJ homeowner with your heart set on cost-effective, premium-grade, and personalized bathroom remodeling… you’ve come to the right place. We’re Bathroom Pros, a professional contractor local to the area with over thirty years of experience.

We specialize in first-class, low-maintenance, and easy-access bathroom remodeling: tub-to-shower conversions, replacement walk-in tubs, walk-in showers, and complete transformations.

All our products and materials are of the highest quality and Guaranteed for LIFE.

That’s not all — 90% of our bathroom remodeling projects take as little as ONE to TWO DAYS!

Contact us… and enjoy a relaxing, stress-free, and life-changing bathing experience.

Bathroom Remodeling Services For Manchester, NJ

One-Day Tub-To-Shower Conversion

These days there are a lot of reasons Manchester homeowners come to us to replace their old, fading, and conventional bathtubs. They’re an eyesore for one. But they also pose a risk, especially to our older customers.

Bathroom Pros can replace that outdated tub with a modern, low-maintenance, and gorgeous new walk-in shower… in as little as ONE DAY.

Our seasoned, no-hassle, no-headaches process is an affordable way to completely revitalize your bathroom while making it a much more functional area.

One-Day Shower Remodeling

We could say the same thing about old, boring, and bland showers. Would you enjoy having it replaced with an open, safe, inviting, beautiful, and spa-level walk-in shower?

Not only are they affordable and quick to install for our factory-certified crews, but they provide peace of mind. Your new walk-in shower will be guaranteed for life and customized to make your life easier!

Bathtub Remodeling

When your bathtub becomes too hard to clean or worse, an unsightly hazard, it’s time to consider a replacement tub you can depend on for the rest of your life.

Rather than you having to go out and swim through different product options and endless manufacturer data sheets, we make the process quick and painless.

In as little as ONE DAY, we can have a custom-manufactured bathtub seamlessly installed into your existing space. No muss, no fuss. Easy and affordable.

Two-Day Full Bathroom Remodeling

Why put yourself through the stressful process of searching for bathroom remodeling services across Manchester and New Jersey?

Bathroom Pros will completely transform your bathroom with a comprehensive ‘no stone left unturned’ remodel…in just TWO DAYS: flooring, cabinets, vanity, fixtures, lighting, walls, and everything in between!

Like we said… top to bottom transformation without any of the nonsense.

Walk-In Tub Installation

Are you interested in a new walk-in tub?

Are you up in years and tired of the old bathtub being a potential hazard?

Ready for soaking in the bath to be a relaxing and anxiety-free experience once again?

Then it’s time to consider a luxurious walk-in tub from Bathroom Pros New Jersey.

Our high-grade, American-made walk-in tubs have all the safety features you could need and then some. These include anti-fall features, no-barrier features, plenty of therapy options, and more. Not only do you get to bathe with peace of mind, but these tubs are comfortable!

Why Bathroom Pros New Jersey

1-Day Rip & Replace

As you consider investing in your bathroom, you’re confronted by two core kinds of one-day renovations.

The first we have nothing to do with — these are called Liner Installations. Almost anyone can install these cheap, thin, and flimsy liners that fit over the top of your existing bathtub or shower space. Do they address underlying issues? No. Do they last? No. Can you customize them? No.

Now, the second kind of renovation is our specialty — full Rip & Replace bathroom remodeling projects. This is where factory-certified technicians come in and gut the existing area. Then they repair any issues you may or may not know about and install waterproof barriers. Finally, they’re going to build your new tub or shower area from scratch with PREMIUM materials.

The Result?

Superior performance, 100% protection against moisture, and unequaled durability.
Done in as little as a day, with no mess, and for a similar price!

High-End Experience

One of the reasons we’re still happily and securely in business after over three decades is because Bathroom Pros is committed to you having a stress-free experience. Now, that’s not always possible. Remodeling is inherently stressful, but we go above and beyond to minimize it.

Here’s a brief look at how we de-stress your bathroom remodel:

  • Patient Guidance: Worried about making a wrong decision when there are so many different choices that need to be made in a bathroom remodel? Don’t be. Bathroom Pros consultants make the process a breeze.
  • Open Communication: A lack of clear communication is one of the primary reasons homeowners have poor remodeling experiences. With Bathroom Pros, you’re going to always be 100% in the loop from beginning to end.
  • Ample Preparation: How are we so efficient when it comes to ONE and TWO DAY bathroom remodeling projects? Fanatical levels of preparation. We’re careful. We go step by step and make sure every detail is perfect.
  • True Respect: We admit it sounds cliché, but you can check out our customer reviews and testimonials…we take respect seriously. Our crews are accommodating, approachable, polite, and tidy!

For step-by-step details on how we make your entire experience Stress Free, visit Our Process page.

Premier Brands & Materials

Bathroom Pros understands that you want to INVEST in your bathroom, not throw money away. And you want this investment to last and be gorgeous 5, 10, and 20 years from now. It’s not just a financial investment, but an emotional one as well.

This is why we couldn’t imagine installing anything less than the best possible products. Of course, all companies SAY that, but here’s how we truly walk the walk.

    • Double-Thick Acrylic: The tubs, walk-in showers, and multi-piece systems we install are made with double-thick acrylic that FAR outperforms the cheap liners.
    • Unrivaled Style Option: Bathroom Pros isn’t going to ask you to choose from maybe three or four options. Instead, your consultant will help you navigate the OVER 100 styling options we can work with.
    • Custom-Cut Materials: This is critical to understand. We custom-cut the tubs and showers we design and build for you ON SITE. It’s going to be made FOR YOU and to fit seamlessly into your existing space.
    • Made in The USA: Bathroom Pros doesn’t bother with any low-quality junk products coming in for cheap from overseas. Everything we put our name on is made in America under strict manufacturing standards.
    • Ultra-Simple Maintenance: There’s no grout. All they require is an easy wipe down from time to time using a gentle cloth. Why? Because the double-thick acrylic also has an antimicrobial coating that prevents bacteria, mildew, and mold.

Visit our Solutions page for more information about our bathroom products and materials. You can also use our FREE Design Your Dream Bathroom tool to create the perfect tub or shower area… right here, right now.

Worry-Proof Guarantee

What does that mean? It means your new tub or shower is never going to fade, start yellowing, begin cracking and chipping, bubbling up, and peeling. Period.

And should this start happening because of either a manufacturer defect or installation error, we’ve got you covered 100% no questions asked. Our Workmanship Warranty is FULLY transferable if you sell your home within two years of installation

Plus, we carry the ONLY bathroom products with the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval. This means Good Housekeeping will offer a refund of the purchase price or replacement up to $2,000 if a Seal Of Approval product is defective.

Bottom Line: With Bathroom Pros you can rest easy. Our industry-best coverage won’t budge.

Financing YOUR Way

Can you break your bathroom remodeling investment into easily manageable payments? Absolutely. Bathroom Pros can offer you a wide range of financing options in North, South, and Central New Jersey.

Our most popular plan is No Interest, No Payment For 18 Months. We also offer amazing options like payments as low as $1.80 per day—yes, less than two bucks!

Those are just a couple of examples of the more budget-accommodating financing plans we can show you. Contact us to explore and see what you qualify for. One no-obligation consultation will answer all your questions in minutes.

True Accessibility

For our seniors in the Manchester, NJ area we’re the specialists you need to call for easy-access, luxury-comfort bathroom remodeling services.

Have a bathtub that’s hard to step over? We can transform it into a beautiful barrier-free shower or walk-in tub.

Need a little extra support while you shower? We install premium-grade accessories like handheld showerheads, slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, and convenient bench seating.

Want to see what else you can expect to enjoy? Our tubs and showers come with high-class luxury bathing features*:

  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lighting
  • Aromatherapy Diffusers
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Rain Shower Heads
  • And MUCH More!

Bottom line: We’re going to make your bathing experience as safe as possible. Wave goodbye to anxiety and embrace your new accessible high-luxury bathroom.

*Features and options depend on the type of remodel. Contact us for details.

Customers Love Us!

Not that we don’t enjoy tooting our own horn, but when you REALLY want to see what it’s like to work with us you’ve got to ask our customers. The easiest way to do that is to browse our many 5-star reviews and testimonials.

When you research our reputation, you’ll find we aren’t full of hot air. We mean what we say. We walk the walk. We’re a core-driven company that maintains a near-impeccable record among fellow New Jersey homeowners.

For more details about our reputation, visit the following pages of our site:

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