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Welcome. Are you looking for high-quality, quick, and affordable bathroom remodeling and renovation in Matawan, NJ? Bathroom Pros New Jersey is the name people in this area trust for premium, always top-notch, and easy-access bathroom remodeling…in as little as ONE DAY.

Whether you need to upgrade your tub, convert it into a gorgeous walk-in shower, or have us completely transform your bathroom in TWO DAYS, Bathroom Pros will take exceptionally good care of you.

Our products require minimal maintenance, they’re made in America and use acrylic that lasts for LIFE!

Contact us… and make bathing the relaxing, stress-free experience it should be.

Bathroom Remodeling Services For Matawan, NJ

One-Day Tub-To-Shower Conversion

How would you like to replace your old, outdated bathtub with a premium, ultra-safe, open, inviting, spa-level walk-in shower… in as little as ONE DAY?

Our walk-in showers are made of the finest materials for low-maintenance, they’re lifetime-guaranteed, and best of all… affordable! Let our factory-trained craftsmen install your new luxury walk-in shower with impeccable attention to detail.

One-Day Shower Remodeling

When it comes time to upgrade your shower, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways is to have Bathroom Pros install a walk-in shower in its place.

Working within your existing space, you’re going to finally have a shower with all the customizations, extra-convenient storage, and safety features you need.

Bathtub Remodeling

Has your old tub finally become too much of a hassle to keep clean? Along with being unsightly, has it become a potential hazard in your life? We completely understand.

Bathtub replacement with Bathroom Pros is easy, mess-free, stress-free, and quick. We can install your new updated tub in as little as ONE DAY.

Your new tub will be custom manufactured using heavy-duty acrylic. It will fit seamlessly into your space through precision cuts and measurements, and you’ll be able to depend on it for the rest of your LIFE without problems.

Two-Day Full Bathroom Remodeling

How would you like to see your bathroom completely transformed, from head to toe…in just TWO DAYS?

Our crews are absolute specialists. In a quick, effective, and professional manner we can touch on and refresh every single element in your bathroom. This includes flooring, walls, vanities, cabinetry, storage, lighting, fixtures, and of course your tub/shower area.

Like we said… head to toe!

Walk-In Tub Installation

Are you tired of the hassle of getting in and out of your old bathtub?

Have you progressed in years and you’re tired of anxiety in the bathroom?

Do you deal with mobility issues and need a pleasant, comfortable, and safe bathing experience?

If your answers are yes, then please consider a luxury-comfort walk-in tub from Bathroom Pros New Jersey.

These tubs are modern, made in the USA, and they make bathing truly soothing and rewarding once again. You’re going to adore all the many features including anti-slip & anti-fall features, the no-barrier entry, and spa-quality hydrotherapy options. Prepare for the best bathing experience in your life!

Why Bathroom Pros New Jersey

Full Shower & Tub Tear-Out

At the end of the day Matawan, NJ homeowners only have two options for ONE-DAY bathroom renovations. Let’s briefly discuss the differences.

The first is what we call a Liner Installation. This is where you have basically any contractor come in and easily ‘cover’ the existing bathtub or shower space with a cheap acrylic liner. These products are made of thin, flimsy material with low durability. They’re also susceptible to moisture penetration. In other words, liners DON’T LAST.

The second type of one-day bathroom renovation is what Bathroom Pros specializes in. These are called Rip & Replace projects. Our factory-certified craftsmen will come in, remove the existing enclosure, repair damages, and then add a protective waterproof barrier. From here they will have your new tub or shower custom manufactured and precision-cut for an absolutely perfect fit.

The result?

Superior performance, 100% protection against moisture, and unequaled durability.
Done in as little as a day, with no mess, and for a similar price!

Pain-Free Process

Bathroom Pros has survived and thrived in an industry where most of our competitors fold up shop inside of a couple of years. Why? Well, financial issues are a big problem. After that is has to do with horrible high-stress customer experiences!

With Bathroom Pros you know you’re dealing with a stable, professional company that is laser-focused on YOUR satisfaction.

Here’s a brief look at how we stress-proof your bathroom remodel:

  • Expert Guidance: Our process is careful and refined after so many successful projects. Your Bathroom Pros consultant isn’t there to try and sell you anything. Instead, their job is to help guide your decisions for the best of all possible outcomes.
  • Wide-Open Communication: From the moment you first give us a call or contact us, through to the end of your project, Bathroom Pros cares about communication. We make sure you always know where your project stands and never for one minute feel left in the dark.
  • Over-Adequate Preparation: Once installation begins you’ll see for yourself how professional and prepared your team will be. Nothing is left to chance. Bathroom Pros prefers being over-prepared before every project for no surprises or stalling.
  • Genuine R-E-S-P-E-C-T: This is not just a saying for Bathroom Pros. Showing our customers, their homes, and their investment the utmost respect is a core company value.

For step-by-step details on how we make your entire experience Stress Free, visit Our Process page.

Best-In-Class Materials

The #1 reason Bathroom Pros will not use anything but the best products and materials is because bathroom renovation is a serious investment. You’re putting both your money and your emotions on the line and our reputation is right there next to it.

Rest assured we don’t take shortcuts. We know… every company tells you they use the best materials, but here are a few of the ways we walk the walk.

    • Double-Thick Acrylic: Instead of the cheap, low-quality, mass-produced acrylic average liners are made of… our acrylic is specially manufactured. We’re talking heavy-duty, twice as thick as liners, and guaranteed for LIFE.
    • Unrivaled Style Options: Other ‘One Day’ bathroom renovation companies around Matawan will try and make you choose from a small number of styling options that suit their needs more than yours. With Bathroom Pros, your consultant will guide you and help you navigate over ONE HUNDRED for much more flexibility.
    • Custom-Cut Materials: Liners are basically big rolls of cheap acrylic. They aren’t customized…at all. On the other hand, Bathroom Pros is going to build your new tub or shower with premium materials from scratch with the customizations you need.
    • Made in The USA: The Bathroom Pros team has nothing against international trade or companies in other countries. We prefer more local and American-made products for a large variety of straightforward business reasons our customers appreciate.
    • Ultra-Simple Maintenance: One of the reasons our double-thick acrylic requires such little maintenance is a special antimicrobial coating. It’s designed to harmlessly prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Plus, no grout means no elbow grease!

Visit our Solutions page for more information about our bathroom products and materials. You can also use our FREE Design Your Dream Bathroom tool to create the perfect tub or shower area… right here, right now.

Guaranteed For LIFE

We guarantee that your new tub or shower will NEVER fade, yellow, crack, bubble, or peel. Period.

But what if something happens? What if by chance there is a problem with a product we install? Bathroom Pros will 100% cover you for as long as you own your home. From there we’ll cover the next owner as long as the home sells within two years of installation.

Plus, we carry the ONLY bathroom products with the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval. This means Good Housekeeping will offer a refund of the purchase price or replacement up to $2,000 if a Seal Of Approval product is defective.

Bottom Line: Bathroom Pros ensure top-to-bottom protection on your remodeling investment.

Financing For Everyone!

Want to break your investment down into a manageable payment plan? Great! The flexible financing we provide is there to make luxury bathroom renovation affordable in North, South, and Central New Jersey.

Our most popular plan is No Interest, No Payment For 18 Months. We also offer amazing options like payments as low as $1.80 per day—yes, less than two bucks!

There are other budget-accommodating financial plans we can choose from. First, Contact us and a Bathroom Pros consultant will walk you through our free, no-obligation, safe, and secure qualification process.

Senior-Friendly Options

We’re proud to work with seniors in the Matawan, NJ area. We specialize in the senior-friendly, easy-access, safe, and luxury-comfort remodeling they need.

Have a bathtub that’s hard to step over? We can transform it into a beautiful barrier-free shower or walk-in tub.

Need a little extra support while you shower? We install premium-grade accessories like handheld showerheads, slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, and convenient bench seating.

Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle with an in-home “spa” experience? Bathroom Pros tubs and showers come with all the high-class options you expect*:

  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lighting
  • Aromatherapy Diffusers
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Rain Shower Heads
  • And MUCH More!

Bottom line: We’re going to see to it that your bathing experience from now on is ultra-safe, highly-accessible, and luxuriously comfortable!

*Features and options depend on the type of remodel. Contact us for details.

Proven Track Record

How do you know you can trust Bathroom Pros? Don’t simply take our word for it, see what our customers have been saying over the years. See what other Matawan, NJ homeowners felt about their remodeling or renovation experience.

When you research our reputation, you’re going to find close to perfect marks from a wide variety of different people. From Google and GuildQuality to Yelp, our dedicated service to this community hasn’t gone unnoticed.

For more details about our reputation, visit the following pages of our site:

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