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The bathroom in your room sees a lot more traffic than you may realize. This is often the first place you go in the morning and the last place you go at night. Thus, having a bathroom that is not only beautiful but fits your individual needs is a must-have.

If your current bathroom is in need of a remodel, we are the pros to turn to in the Ocean County, NJ area. With numerous options, top-of-the-line materials, and guaranteed service, we can make your new bathroom not only look amazing, but highly functional.

Our Bathroom Remodel Services

We offer several bathroom remodeling services that are meant to fit every design idea and budget.

1. Tub To Shower Conversion

This service is for those who want to take their standard tub and convert it to a shower. It is often used by seniors who want a better, safer experience and to minimize the falls that often happen when getting out of a bathtub.

2. Bathtub Remodeling

If your current bathtub is permanently discolored, cracked, leaking water, or otherwise an eyesore, our bathtub remodeling is the best option. With this option, we rip out your old bathtub and replace this with an acrylic tub of the highest quality. Better yet, we do this in just one day!

3. Shower Remodeling

For showers that are leaking under the floor, scratched, chipping, or for homeowners looking for something more modern, our shower remodeling in the Ocean County, NJ area can quickly make the replacement; we rip out the old shower, repair the moisture damage underneath, and install a new shower in one day!

4. Walk-In Tub Remodeling

A walk-in tub is great for those who are older that need the ease of walking into a unit, without the threat of falling. With this option, whether you currently have a tub or a shower, we can make a walk-in tub fit into this enclosure and have your bathroom updated in a day.

5. Full Bathroom Remodeling

This is a great option for those who may want to take their current bathroom from outdated to fabulous. With numerous tub and shower options, as well as vanities, lighting, and flooring options, we offer a fully remodeled bathroom in just 48 hours.

6. Plumbing Services

Whether you are dealing with a leaky faucet, a toilet that is clogged, sewer issues, or even low water pressure, we have trained and licensed plumbers that can fix these problems. We fix these issues and get this done right the first time, so your bathroom or kitchen functions properly.

Why Trust Us For Your Ocean County, NJ Bathroom Remodel

We are a family-owned business in the Ocean County, NJ area that has your best interest in mind. We value honesty and integrity. And we have a passion for bathroom remodeling that is seen in everything that we do.

Those who turn to use for their Ocean County, NJ bathroom remodel often do so because:

  • We use only the best products for any bathroom remodel
  • We have a five-star reputation among those who we have worked with
  • We offer financing options to help everyone afford their dream bathroom
  • The process of a bathroom remodel is stress-free and fast when working with us

FAQ About Bathroom Remodels

Can a bathroom remodel really be completed in one to two days?

Yes! If you are simply replacing a tub or shower, this is a one-day process. While a complete bathroom remodel is two days in length, The bathroom is an important area of your home. Thus, you cannot afford to have this out of commission for days on end.

Do you just cover the old tub or shower with new material?

No. This is what sets us apart from others. While other companies may offer a one-day process, we do a complete rip out of your current tub/shower and replace this so that it not only looks great but functions properly.

Why do we use acrylic tubs and showers?

This is considered the best material to use. It is not only strong but is resistant to cracks, staining, and other issues that can arise in a tub/shower. In addition, this is considered a low-maintenance type of material, which saves you hours of scrubbing to make it look good.

Secondly, acrylic is known for fitting better, as it can be cut to fit any space— even custom-built spaces in a home, ensuring a tighter fit and minimizing the chances of leaking, and ruining your subfloor.

What People Are Saying About Us

Our customers are more than satisfied with the end results of their bathroom remodel when they work with us. Check out what some satisfied customers have said:

“We had a great experience! Even though they said our scope of work would only take one day, I was totally skeptical. However, it only took one day, as promised! I was simply amazed and pleased with the entire job from the very beginning of the process. I would highly recommend.” – Michael S.

“From start to finish, they were attentive to what I had requested be done. The finished product was amazingly beautiful. I would recommend Bathroom Pros to all my friends, family, and neighbors.” – Tom L.

Here at Bathroom Pros, we treat each and every bathroom remodel with the respect and attention to detail that it deserves. We offer free estimates for any service we offer. Whether you simply need a new tub or you want to take your current bathroom and turn this into something more modern and sleek, we are here for any Ocean County, NJ homeowner looking to make this leap.

Get a free estimate today by contacting us and arranging to meet to discuss your old bathroom and what ideas you have to make this sparkle again!