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How To Make Your Ocean County, NJ
Bathroom Safe And Accessible

This Trusted Bathroom Remodeler in Ocean County, NJ
Excels In Bathroom Accessibility

Aesthetic and beauty are two cornerstones of stunning Ocean County, NJ bathroom remodels – they bring your bathroom up to date and raise the overall value of your home. However, one pivotal aspect often overlooked during a bathroom remodel is accessibility.

Accessibility remains vital for aging populations and individuals burdened by limited mobility. Needing a highly accessible bathroom remodel is warranted, but locating a top-rated and highly-trusted bathroom remodeling company is another challenge entirely.

Given our specializations, years of experience, accreditations, and hundreds of highly-satisfied customers – we at Bathroom Pros are the trusted, accessible bathroom remodeling experts for whom you’ve been searching.

We Have Certifications, A Seal Of Approval, And More

It’s not difficult, nor is it uncommon for an Ocean County, NJ contractor to talk themselves up – but can they be vouched for by accredited publications and background checking agencies?

Here are some of the screenings and seals of approval we’re proud to have received and maintain:

HomeAdvisor Screened And Approved

This screening and approval process ensures that we are who we say we are, operating in a full legal capacity. A HomeAdvisor screening ensures that we are:

  • In possession of all required licenses.
  • Have had the Social Security number of the owner verified.
  • Legally operating in the state of New Jersey.
  • Adhering to a professional code of conduct, we treat our valued customers with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval

Established in 1909, The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval requires a rigorous review process to ensure the consumer gets the best product possible. This is guaranteed by their two-year warranty that promises to replace a defective product for up to $2,000!

Home Innovation Research Labs™ Certified

For over fifty years, the Home Research Lab has tested and certified products for their quality and durability with evidence-based testing. Claiming a product is one thing – demonstrating those claims is another thing entirely.

The materials we use in our bathroom remodeling projects are proudly certified this way – our customers can be confident that we mean what we say about our lifelong-lasting products.

Fully Insured and Licensed

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at what some Ocean County, NJ contractors try to pull off – from failing to be fully insured to not renewing their insurance.

We do everything in our power to keep our work areas safe. However, if something happens, we carry all proper worker compensation. This protects the customer from liability for any potential injury that may occur in their home.

How We Build For Accessibility

Creating a more accessible bathroom requires an assortment of minor considerations – from tub or shower accessibility to amenities providing health benefits.

Here’s a closer look at how we at Bathroom Pros make this a reality for your Ocean County, NJ home:

Tub-To-Shower Conversions

If you’ve been wanting to dispose of the archaic bathtub in your Ocean County, NJ bathroom and replace it with an easy-entry walk-in shower – we’ve got you covered!

Our lightning-fast one-day tub-to-shower conversion process includes some of the following accessibility features:

  • Grab bars for secure entry, exit, and intra-shower stability.
  • Shower seats for the hard of standing.
  • Anti-scald showerheads prevent a burst of hot or cold water.
  • Hand-held showerheads for hard-to-reach places.
  • Slip-resistant flooring for preventing catastrophic falls.
  • Corning shelving for easy access to shower essentials.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Our premier walk-in bathtubs redefine what it means to have a luxury spa in home. With an easy-access door that sits almost profile to the floor, stepping in is a breeze.

The high-quality, built-for-a-lifetime acrylic tub offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Hydrotherapy jet massage for easing muscle pain and lactic buildup.
  • Air bubble therapy for improved circulation.
  • Color Chromatherapy for improving mood during the bleak winter months.
  • Aromatherapy as an optional luxury item that releases brain-stimulating scents.
  • Ozone Therapy and Purification is equipped with its own switch and helps the skin and breathing.

We Go Above And Beyond What’s On Paper

At Bathroom Pros we continue our mission of accessibility outside the bathroom by serving our community – we support various Ocean County, NJ charities, helping them with donations and our time and energy.

We also treat our customer base with elevated compassion and care by focusing deeply on senior citizens and those with mobility hindrances. We exhibit patience, appreciation, and understanding through and through. We are always humbled and deeply grateful when our loyal customers believe in our services.

Finally, we deliver our exceptional service with our core values in mind, which are:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Discipline
  • Believe
  • Loyalty

You can rest easy when you entrust us with your accessibility needs, and we’ll return on the remodel of your bathroom – tenfold.

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