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Bathroom Tub-To-Shower And
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Get A Flawless Shower Or Tub With Bathroom Pros NJ

How does your Burlington County, NJ bathroom make you feel when you walk into it? Do you immediately let out a relaxed sigh — or do you cringe at the sight of your shower or tub?

If you are cringing, it may be time to update your bathroom with a new tub or shower. Bathroom Pros NJ can ensure your Burlington County, NJ bathroom is perfect!

Bathroom Conversion Options

Some Burlington County, NJ, homeowners want a shower and tub in their home, while others prefer one or the other. Our skilled team of design and installation professionals can help you get what you desire.

Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Our tub-to-shower conversions are meant to take an old tub or shower and turn this into a new, modern shower. The best news is that we can do this entire process in one day!

If you have mobility issues, turning your tub into a shower can be a great way to make life just a bit easier!

Shower-To-Tub Conversion

Our shower-to-tub conversion is for those who have a shower but want to have a tub in their home. With this version, we will take out the shower and replace it with an acrylic tub. You can opt for a traditional tub or a walk-in tub, depending upon your end goals for the bathroom.

Why Do People Work With Bathroom Pros NJ?

As a family-owned company, we understand the value of customer service. We always put the needs of our Burlington County, NJ homeowners first, and our impeccable reputation proves just that. 

Our outstanding customer service is one of the main reasons why people call us when looking for an upgrade to their bathroom. The core values that dictate every action here at Bathroom Pros NJ are:

  • Enthusiasm: You will find that each person you come in contact with when working with us will have confidence in your job and anything else associated with bathroom remodels. Passion makes all the difference in how each job is approached.
  • Loyalty: Without our customers, there would be no Bathroom Pros NJ — which is why we are dedicated to our customers and the Burlington County, NJ area.
  • Discipline: We stay on task and get the job done. Our specialization allows us to offer such short time frames to complete tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions and full bathroom remodel.
  • Believe: Here at Bathroom Pros NJ, we believe in the bigger picture of every remodel we handle. We put our belief in our core values and each other to help achieve your perfect remodel or bathroom upgrade.
  • Accountability: Everyone at Bathroom Pros NJ is held accountable for their actions. This accountability helps to ensure an excellent level of customer service is given to our clients.
  • Growth: We are constantly learning about new products and techniques. Since we continually learn and grow, we pass on this knowledge and development to our Burlington County, NJ customers. It ensures you get the best in service and products!

Our core values, reputation, and the fact that we offer one-day tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions are why people call us first when they need this type of work! If you are still unsure, check out our numerous awards that show our dedication to customer service, quality products, and more!

FAQ About Tub & Shower Conversions

Q: Do We Offer Financing For Your Tub-To-Shower Or
Shower-To-Tub Conversion?

Yes, we do. We understand that not everyone will have the funds to pay for a conversion outright. We offer several finance options, which include our most popular choice of an 18-month, no-interest payment plan.

Q: Why Is Our Rip & Replace Method The Best?

Many other companies that offer similar services do not use a rip and replace method. They are using liners. These liners are fitted over your current tub or shower to give you the appearance of having something new.

We don’t believe in the liner method. Instead, we offer the rip and replace approach. We will rip out your current tub or shower, then replace it with the new tub or shower of your choice. Our method ensures a perfect fit each time!

Q: Does Weather Affect Your Conversion Project?

No! We can transform your bathroom during any weather, whether cold and raining, hot and sunny, or even snowy during the winter. And don’t worry, we will be sure to clean up any mess we drag in due to the weather – we respect your home!

Q: Should You Go With A Tub Or Shower?

Deciding on which you want for your bathroom is a personal decision. However, we can give you recommendations based on what your needs and future needs may be. For example, those who fear mobility issues may find a walk-in shower an excellent investment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Rob and Jake replaced our tub with a shower and their work was amazing. A 5-star performance!”
– Charles G.

“Rob and Jake did a great job removing my old awful tub/shower and putting up.a walk-in shower I will absolutely recommend Bathroom Pros.”
– Cindy S.

“The installation was done in one day and done with expert precision. The installers were courteous and cleanly and cleaned up as they went.”
– Kristopher D.

“The attention to the details, cleanup and the actual tearing out the tub and replacing with a beautiful walk-in shower was professional and amazing!”
– Susan R.

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