After-Hours Shower-head Delivery

Project: Bathtub Remodeling; Full Bathroom Remodeling; Shower Remodeling;
Area: Toms River, NJ


Bathroom Remodeling Case Study

Michael just couldn’t handle the pressure.

He hired us for full bathroom remodeling in his Toms River home. We started by replacing his old steel tub and accompanying tile walls and ceilings. We removed his old bath space, waterproofed the area underneath, and then installed a new low-maintenance tub with gorgeous new surrounding walls.

Up next, we installed beautiful vinyl flooring, new trim, and a gorgeous new vanity with a granite countertop. We hung the mirror, wall cabinets, towel rack, and every other feature exactly where Michael wanted them.

In all, the job took one day. Everything went according to plan, and Michael was ecstatic. We packed up around 5pm, leaving Michael to enjoy his new bathroom.

Then He Turned On The Shower…

When you get a beautiful new bathroom, you’re going to want to use it.

After we left, Michael wasted no time hopping in his new tub. He turned on the water, expecting a relaxing cascade of water to pour over him from the shower-head.

He got blasted with a firehose.

The shower-head spouted water at tremendously high pressure. Naturally, we check for this kind of thing during the final walkthrough. But this particular shower-head decided to malfunction only AFTER we left.

Michael called our office. He explained the situation to Jen, our Office Manager.

This is the part of the story where most bathroom remodeling companies would drop the ball. They’d place a warehouse order for a new part… set up a time with the customer for delivery… and take at least a week to get the part in the homeowner’s hands.

But We’re Not Most Bathroom Remodeling Companies.

Jenn wasn’t going to put one of our customers through a drawn-out process for something so simple. So after she finished up at the office, she walked into our warehouse, grabbed a new shower-head…

… and personally delivered it to Michael that evening.

Michael was more than impressed by our responsiveness and follow-through. In his words…

“Jen drove to my house to hand-deliver a replacement shower head to fix an issue with excessive water pressure from the existing one. She did this after she finished her day at work in the office! In summary, the company delivers quality products and services and is very responsive and accommodating throughout the process regarding any questions or issues that come up.”

Bottom line: We’re here for our customers. 24/7/365.

Hand-delivering a new shower-head after-hours is a relatively small thing. But sometimes the small things make the biggest impact.

Just ask Michael.

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