How Do You Cut Costs On Your Bathroom Remodeling Project?

There are many ways to cut costs on your bathroom remodeling project! It’s all about planning and selecting exactly what you want versus what you need when it comes to your private space. Here at Bathroom Pros, we can help you through the process to still create the bathroom of your dreams while also helping you to cut the costs of your bathroom remodeling project.
Here are some of the wonderful ways you can cut your costs on a bathroom remodeling project.

Here Are The Five Ways To Cut Costs On A Bathroom Remodel

Figure Out Your Must-Haves:

What are the signature pieces and layouts you want in your bathroom? When redesigning a space, most people will check out online galleries and social media for some amazing design ideas and that’s a great place to get started. Ask yourself what about those designs you actually love. Is it the sink, the shower, or possibly the tile work? Maybe it’s the fixtures? Perhaps it’s just the paint color. You want to focus on making sure to save part of your budget for anything that is inefficient or broken within that space to ensure everything is in working order first. Everything else, you can cut costs on such as fixtures, certain tiles, and more.

The Layout

Moving your actual layout around can be quite pricey. Moving the shower across the
room or changing the area of the tub or toilet adds on labor costs because of the need to move plumbing around. Labor charges can sometimes be the highest cost on your bathroom remodeling job and you want to make sure you have the budget to move things around, but only if this is a necessity.

The Little Things

It’s the little things, or the shortcuts, you can take to make your bathroom remodeling
project more cost-effective. Purchasing certain materials yourself and
having Bathroom Pros install them can help. This way you have a skilled professional
doing the actual work, but you have saved on the cost of the materials. Also, do you
really need a designer? Chances are that you have a design acumen easily high
enough to be able to design the space yourself by picking out the color palette, the kind
of tile you would like, and even the vanity. Give yourself the option of being your own
designer for those little things as those little things will make your bathroom your own.

Look at Alternatives

If you do end up deciding to cut costs by purchasing some of your own materials, attempt to find
materials that are actually in-stock that you do not have to order. Attempt to move away from customizable pieces and opt for a sustainable man-made product over a high-end tile. One fun way of doing this is to actually visit a home improvement store and find their overstock section or look around and ask what hasn’t sold. You will actually find a lot of beautiful tiles and vanities that you love that will look beautiful in your new bathroom and can be delivered for little to no cost to you.

A Little DIY Goes A Long Way

You can do this! Some of the best moments of a bathroom remodel is the removal of the old for something new. Why not do it yourself? Pulling up old tile to see what is underneath and removing old vanities or toilets can actually be a fun project. You can even show your work on social media to make it even more enjoyable and can end up saving thousands on your bathroom remodeling because once again, you are saving on those large labor costs. Another tip, many communities offer free bulk trash pickup so you can do it during those weekends and then you will not have to pay the disposal fee that many companies charge when they remodel your bathroom. You can enjoy the DIY process.

Bathroom Pros Makes It Easy

We have provided a comprehensive list of how much it actually costs to remodel a bathroom.  We want our customers to be educated about the process, the pricing, the labor, and the quality of the bathroom remodeling that our licensed experts do.

Bathroom Pros has a fantastic reputation and is rated as one of the best bathroom remodelers in New Jersey.  We want you to understand the process and pricing and be fully prepared for your bathroom remodeling project.  This is why we are so transparent about how we do things.

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