For This Customer, Installation Day Was
“One Of The Greatest Days”

Barbara Cried After We Remodeled Her Shower –
But They Were Tears Of Joy

Barbara and her husband were excited about their new tub to shower remodel — and a little apprehensive. Actually, a bit more than a little:

They were worried that the installation would be long, complicated, and messy…

They were concerned that there would be damage to their carpet or wood floors…

They were nervous that their newly tiled kitchen and brand new granite counters would be nicked, dented, or scraped when their old tub was dragged out…

As it turned out, every single one of their worries was unfounded.

Needless to say, they were NOT prepared for the Bathroom Pros experience.

One Of The Greatest Days

Anthony & Joel: Installers Or Magicians?

Anthony and Joel (our installers) arrived at 8AM sharp and began laying cushioned drop cloths over all the surfaces. That was Barbara’s first clue that this was no ordinary bathroom remodeling company.

Anthony and Joel proceeded to dash every one of Barbara’s negative expectations.

In Barbara’s words: “It was as though we waved a magic wand and voila, we had a gorgeous walk-in shower with beautiful sliding glass doors.”

Anthony and Joel didn’t actually wave a magic wand and say “abracadabra,” but they might as well have. They transformed Barbara’s bathroom – without so much as a footprint – in under seven hours flat.

They left ZERO trace of any dust or mess. Nothing remained of the previous tub. And nothing was dented, scraped, dinged, or nicked in the process.

The Three Ps

Anthony and Joel demonstrated the exact values that Barbara and her husband hold dear. Overall, Barbara and her husband found them to be…

Personable. They were kind and respectful – even to the dog!

Professional. They showed up on time in spiffy vans that were fully equipped with everything they needed.

Principled. Barbara and her husband felt comfortable leaving them alone for several hours. They also cleaned up every speck of debris and dust.

An Emotional Ending

Barbara and her husband can’t sing Bathroom Pros’ praises enough.

As veteran homeowners they’ve had their share of experience with remodeling companies. But in their 20 years as homeowners, the couple has never had such an incredible remodeling experience.

“The work was so beautiful, I cried.”

To top it all off, Barbara was shocked at how stunning the final remodeled shower turned out to be.

Your Happiness Is OUR Happiness

At Bathroom Pros of NJ, we don’t just want you to have a breathtakingly beautiful bathroom – we want you to have a breathtakingly enjoyable experience.

Contact Bathroom Pros of NJ for a bathroom remodel and experience that checks every box.