Guide To Making Your New Jersey Bathroom
Accessible For Your Parents

Let Bathroom Pros NJ Help Ease Your Worry

As your parents age, there are several changes you should consider making in your home. One of the most troublesome areas in a home is the bathroom, which has been the location for many injuries for aging adults.

The key to ensuring your parent’s safety in the bathroom is to ensure that it is accessible for them. Bathroom Pros NJ can make this happen!

The Dangers In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may seem safe for you, but for aging parents, it’s similar to trying to maneuver through a minefield of potential accidents. This is even more true if you have parents that have mobility issues and use a wheelchair or walker.

The dangers in your bathroom may include:

  • The bathtub requires parents to get in and out, increasing the chances of falls.
  • The small barrier at the shower may easily trip parents.
  • Slipping and falling from a wet floor.

Of course, this is just a small sample of what could happen.

Is It Time To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible
For Your Parents?

If you have asked yourself if it is time to make your bathroom more accessible, then chances are, it is. In most cases, when the question is asked, that means you have seen signs it is time. These signs may include:

  • Parents having a harder time getting into the tub/shower
  • You’re having to give your parents help while in the bathroom
  • A parent may have already taken a small fall or slipped in the bathroom

It is better to make your bathroom more accessible now before there is a more serious injury to your parents.

Bathroom Remodel For Accessibility With Bathroom Pros NJ

Bathrooms Pros NJ is proud to offer ADA-Compliant luxury bathing options, which are perfect for your bathroom remodel. We are not only going to make your bathroom safer, but we have luxurious “extras” that do not make parents feel as though they are being coddled. You may even find that these luxury options help to make your bath experience that much better!

Seniors are our biggest customer base as we have helped hundreds of seniors make their bathrooms more accessible. And many of our customers are the children of these seniors who want to ensure their parents have a safe bathroom without compromising their living.

Transforming Tubs And Showers

The biggest problem in making a bathroom more accessible is the current tub or shower. Whether this is a traditional shower with glass doors or a tub that doubles as a shower, it can be a concern for your parents with mobility issues.

We have two options that are great for accessibility restrictions and these are a barrier-free shower or a walk-in tub.

Barrier-Free Showers

Barrier-free showers are going to allow your parents to take a normal shower, but with the bonus of not having to step into a tub or deal with cumbersome doors. Our barrier-free showers are going to look modern, while also being safe.

Walk-In Tubs

Our walk-in tubs are highly popular with seniors. Our walk-in tubs allow seniors to get in and out of the tub without having to lift their feet, reducing the chances of falls.

Lowering Vanities

We have had many customers who need their vanities lowered due to a family member being wheelchair-bound. This is something that we can do with minimal disruption to the rest of your home. We take precise measurements to ensure your new vanity is low enough to allow your parent to easily reach the sink without assistance.

New Flooring Installed

The flooring in a bathroom can increase the risk of slips and falls. That is why we use LVT flooring which has a realistic look, while also being durable and waterproof. In addition, LVT flooring is slip-resistant.

Various Safety Features

Along with the actual products that we can install, we also have various safety features that can be included with your bathroom remodel to ensure it will be more accessible for your parents. For example:

  • Installing a hand-held shower head
  • Adding in grab bars inside the tub or shower, as well as near the toilet and vanity
  • Shelving inside showers or tubs to make items more accessible
  • Shower seats in walk-in tubs
  • Anti-scald shower heads

With our various safety options and products, your bathroom will be safer and more accessible than ever.

How Long Will It Take To Make Your Bathroom
More Accessible?

A regular construction crew may take months to complete bathroom remodel for accessibility However, with Bathroom Pros NJ, you will find we can get this done within a one to two-day time frame, depending upon what is being done.

If you were to just replace the tub or shower, we take one day. While remodeling your entire bathroom can take two days. However, a one to two-day time frame is much better than having your bathroom torn apart for months for accessibility upgrades.

Why Choose Us For Accessible Bathrooms?

Contacting Bathroom Pros NJ for bathroom accessibility is one of the smartest decision that you can make. With our years of experience in dealing with seniors, we can make your bathroom look amazing, while also being safer for your parents.

In addition, people come to us because:

  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on the work that we do
  • All of our tubs/showers are made from high-grade acrylic, which is virtually maintenance-free
  • Our experience in dealing with seniors can also benefit you in that we may think of things to do that you have yet to think of

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