How To Increase Your New Jersey Home’s Value With Bathtub Remodeling

Remodeling Your Bathtub Can Add Substantial Value To Your Home Several Ways!

You’ve probably heard that kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the two biggest ways to increase your New Jersey home’s value with a remodeling project.  What many people don’t know, however, is how much of a difference remodeling ONLY your bathtub can make.

Plus, bathtub remodeling takes only ONE day, as opposed to kitchen remodeling jobs, which can take weeks or even months.  Why inconvenience yourself for that long?

It also costs a lot less than remodeling an entire room.  The “bang for your buck” ratio is excellent with New Jersey bathtub remodeling.

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Bathtub Remodeling Options

You will only reap the benefits if you remodel your bathtub right.  Replacing the liner is not going to cut it.  When companies just install a new acrylic or fiberglass liner and call it a day, they are not actually replacing your bathtub.

They are wasting your time and money and leaving you with an inferior product.  These liners will warp and peel at the first sign of trouble.

A true bathtub remodeling project involves removing the existing bathtub and replacing it with an entirely new one.  If you choose wisely, in terms of contractors and materials, this is what will increase your home’s value.

Which Bathtub Material Is Best

While porcelain tubs are elegant, and tile tubs have a classic appeal, most bathtubs today are either acrylic or fiberglass.  Both have their strong points.

Fiberglass is a little less expensive than acrylic.  It is considered non-porous, so it is fairly easy to clean and not prone to the development of mold.  It is a practical option, if not the most stylish.

For those who want the absolute BEST of all worlds, acrylic is the clear choice, though.  Acrylic tubs are MUCH sturdier than fiberglass and are even easier to keep clean and mold free.  They require minimal work and hold up well to detergent and non-abrasive bathroom cleaning products.

Best of all, acrylic tubs come in every conceivable style and texture.  If you like the look of tile, but want to avoid the hassle of cleaning grout, look no further than an acrylic tub.  The same is true for stone, marble, and virtually every other type of bathtub material you can think of!

Why Replacing Your Tub Helps Maximize Your Home’s Value

Remodeling your kitchen or entire bathroom can certainly increase your home’s value, but those are both big projects that can wind up costing quite a bit.  In the case of kitchen remodeling, your kitchen may be out of commission for weeks.  That can be VERY inconvenient.

Replacing your tub, on the other hand, will only take ONE day.  This also costs you way less money in labor costs, in addition to minimizing the stress and inconvenience in your life.

While any repairs and updates can add to your home’s value, it is true that realtors tend to focus on kitchens and bathrooms.  What better way to catch the attention of homebuyers and realtors alike than to replace your old tub with a low-maintenance acrylic one that mirrors the look of marble or tile?

Not having a bathtub and only having a shower is one thing that can hurt the value of any home.  The same is true of an old, deteriorating, or just plain ugly bathtub.  In a market this competitive, updating JUST your bathtub is one of the simplest ways to make your home stand out among New Jersey homebuyers.

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