How We Deliver A Bathroom Remodel That’s
100% Personalized To YOU

No Two NJ Bathrooms Are Exactly Alike…That’s Why We NEVER
Offer One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

We’ve seen A LOT of bathrooms. And the ONLY thing they have in common is that they have nothing in common. No two New Jersey bathrooms have the exact same dimensions, properties, and of course – owners.

It’s tempting for remodeling companies to push one-size solutions on their customers. It requires MUCH less thought, time, and effort. But “one-size fits all” solutions are usually “one-size-fits-none” solutions. They’ll never fit any customer’s wants and needs exactly.

That’s why, at Bathroom Pros, we take a completely different approach to bathroom remodeling. We really get to the bottom of what you want from your bathroom. Taking the individual aspects of your bathroom into account, we come up with a bathroom remodel solution for you that gives you EVERYTHING you hoped for.

YOUR Wants, YOUR Needs

From the moment you give us a call about remodeling your bathroom, we try to gauge what YOU want from your bathroom remodel. Because everyone wants something different – and it’s up to us to deliver precisely what you want. Every step of our process revolves around you.

On that first call, we’ll ask you a lot of questions to pin down your goals for your bathroom. We’ll talk about the problems you have with your current bathroom and the reason for your remodel. We’ll get into the aesthetic you’re going for and the products and materials you prefer.

But we won’t ever give you a quote until we visit your home and SEE your bathroom.

YOUR Space

Walkinshower White Shower No Door Blue RoomOnce our design consultant walks into your home, that’s the start of a relationship that will continue throughout your remodeling project. Talking to you over the phone is one thing, but seeing you in person and looking at your bathroom up close gives us a much better understanding of you and your space.

Our design consultant will take exact measurements of your bathroom and assess what you need for accessibility, safety, and cleanliness. Once our design consultant gets an accurate picture of your bathroom, they can give you a quote that’s specific to YOUR bathroom remodeling solution.

YOUR Expectations

Every customer comes into the bathroom remodeling process with a different set of expectations but they’re not all sunshine and roses. There are many negative stereotypes about contractors, and sometimes customers expect the worst. In that case, we build up trust with the customer, so they feel secure and at ease.

Since we treat every customer as an individual, we take the time to figure out what YOU expect to get from the remodeling process.

A Bathroom Remodel 100% Personalized To YOU

The Hidden Side Of Your Bathroom

You’d be surprised what you find when you take a hammer to bathroom walls. We don’t believe in slapping down flimsy liners – when we do a job, we do it RIGHT. We rip it all out and start over from scratch. And sometimes that leads to unpleasant surprises—like termites, mold, and rotted wood.

It’s not fun to discover those things, but just imagine what would happen if we didn’t find them. Until we tear up your existing bathroom, we never really know what we’re dealing with. Every bathroom has something else going on behind the scenes – and we get to the bottom of it.

Experience This For YOURSELF

We’re the New Jersey bathroom remodeler with rave reviews because we give every bathroom the individual attention and care it deserves. If you’re an NJ homeowner and you’re looking for a remodeling company focused on giving you the bathroom that YOU need, contact Bathroom Pros.

Ready to dive into designing your dream bathroom? Use the Dream Bathroom Visualizer to make your vision a reality.