Bathroom Pros VETOES One-Piece Bath Liners – Here’s Why:

After over a decade of remodeling New Jersey bathrooms, here’s what we’ve learned: If it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

If something is touted as the “perfect” bathroom solution – super beautiful, super functional, and super cheap – chances are it’s also SUPER problematic.

Enter acrylic bath liners.

Bathroom remodeling companies will tell you that they’ll make your tub and shower look newer and that acrylic liners are the cheapest solution.

And that’s true – but they’ll never tell you about the UGLY side of acrylic bath liners (and the REAL reasons why they’re so cheap!).

What Are Acrylic Bath Liners?

An acrylic liner is a thin acrylic cutout molded to your bathtub or shower. It’s placed directly on top of your existing tub or shower floor… and voila! Your shower or bathtub has a fresh new look.

The keyword here is “look.” Because that’s exactly what you get – a new appearance for your shower or tub that masks underlying issues and doesn’t allow for any flexibility.

You won’t have the option to re-configure your tub or shower in any way. For example, if you want a low or no barrier shower, you can’t get it. If you prefer a different configuration to suit your tastes, that’s out too.

But that’s a relatively minor problem compared to the four biggest problems of acrylic liners that we hear about again and again.

4 Ugly Truths About “Beautiful” Acrylic Bath Liners

#1. Trapped Moisture

Every homeowner knows all too well: water is wonderful – until it’s trapped in places you DON’T want it to be. Moisture build-up creates the ideal habitat for bad-smelling and unhealthy bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus. It’s a party for living organisms – but not the human kind.

What’s worse, mold and mildew can eat away at wood and drywall – without you ever knowing about it. Imagine slapping an acrylic liner on top of all this… it’s a recipe for disaster.

The ONLY way to get to the bottom of moisture issues and nip them in the bud is to do a full ‘down to the studs’ replacement.

Oh, and one more thing – liners can actually CAUSE the problem by allowing moisture to get caught between your new liner and old tub or shower.

#2. Spongy Feel

Ever stepped into a shower or tub and felt a little bounce? Chances are that was because of an acrylic liner. A “spongy” feel is a common complaint about acrylic liners.

Needless to say, your wet and slippery tub is not the safest surface to be unstable or bouncy.

The problem is that the liner itself can have a small gap that makes it feel spongy. And since you’re only covering up the old, there’s no way to build a shower pan underneath to make it feel more solid.

#3. Low-Quality Installation

Cheap solutions go hand-in-hand with cheap labor. Since acrylic liners are bottom-of-the-line bath and shower solutions, the companies that peddle them often don’t pay their installers a lot.

This leads to a high turnover of workers, which inevitably leads to lower quality installation.

And while it might seem that installing acrylic liners is easy peasy – it’s not. Acrylic liners need to be molded to your existing tub or shower as precisely as possible. This can be tricky. Some skill and experience is a MUST. Otherwise, there will be water accumulation between the new liner and your old tub or shower.

So you need top-quality installation, but instead, you usually end up with laborers at the bottom of the installer pay scale.

#4. A Repair Nightmare

Since bath liners are so thin, cracking and warping are super common. Regular wear and tear will lead to bumps, cracks, and stains.

Guess what happens when an unsightly crack forms on your tub floor? Or a section of your tub becomes discolored?

Since bath liners are one-piece systems, there’s no way to repair or replace a small section of it – instead, if any damage occurs, your entire shower or tub will need to be replaced.

Our Premium-Quality Bath Systems

Bathroom Pros’ top-quality acrylic bath systems solve all these issues:

  • FAST. We’re typically just as fast as acrylic liner companies – our streamlined process allows us to be done in as little as ONE day.
  • DURABLE. Our acrylic is double the thickness of liner systems and is guaranteed for LIFE.
  • FULL REPLACEMENT. Best of all, we do a total replacement down to the studs – because we want what’s best for YOU. We strip out your old shower or tub so any underlying issues can be addressed. Then we build it back underneath before installing your new shower or tub.

We’re fast. We give you a shower or tub for LIFE. And we do FULL REPLACEMENT – which means you avoid all these common problems with acrylic liners.

Ready To Take The Leap?

If you’re tired of your drab, inefficient, or just plain boring old tub and shower – contact Bathroom Pros! We do the job, and we do it FULLY. You’re guaranteed to LOVE your bathroom’s new and improved look and feel.