What Makes Bathroom Pros Different
From Other One Day Companies?

Excellence And Attention To Detail
Makes All The Difference

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the top projects that people do in order to improve their home, as well as make it more comfortable. While there are several ways that you can remodel your bathroom, turning to Bathroom Pros NJ is the best solution that you have.

We are a company that specializes in bathroom remodels, whether it is converting a shower to a tub or vice versa, installing a new tub, or doing a complete bathroom remodel. We offer timely solutions that will make your bathroom look amazing and not affect your everyday life.

We offer one-day bathroom remodel installations. How do we get all this work done in one day? We’re professionals and this type of work is our entire life. But many people ask, what makes us different from other one-day companies out there?

We Install New Using The Rip Out & Tear Method

The biggest thing that every consumer needs to watch out for with any one-day company is whether they are installing a new product or are they just putting a liner over your old product. Many people want a tub or shower replacement because it may leak, has cracks or chips, or want a new look.

However, if a bathtub or shower is leaking, putting a liner over this is like putting a bandaid on it. It doesn’t really help the issue or correct any damage that this leak has caused.

The method of installing a liner is the go-to for many one-day companies. We use the rip out and tear method, meaning that we rip out the old and install new. If there is damage because of a leak, this is repaired once the old tub/shower has been removed.

Here at Bathroom Pros NJ, we not only want this to look great but also function properly. Hence, why we ONLY use the rip out and tear method.

We Give Customers A Lifetime Guarantee

Another aspect that sets us apart from other one-day companies out there is that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the work that we do. This makes you more comfortable about getting this renovation done because you know it’s going to be there for several years to come.

Other companies out there may only offer a one to five-year guarantee. We stand behind our products and our service so much so that we are comfortable offering our customers a lifetime guarantee. If there is ever an issue, we are just a phone call away.

Our Products Are Low Maintenance

The products that we install into our bathroom remodels are always high-grade acrylic. This is not only going to look beautiful, but it is super low maintenance. You will not have to worry about cracks that are often seen in those products that are cheaply made from poor materials.

Acrylic is a long-lasting material that continues to look great year after year. Anything else is just subpar and will not be a product you love in the coming years.

And with Bathroom Pros NJ, you know you are getting a top-of-the-line quality product that will not have you spending hours and hours trying to remove stains, worrying about cracks or chips.

We Have Certified Installers

Our installers have been trained in the best methods to not only install a new tub or shower but also completely remodel your bathroom. We have enthusiasm for our jobs and this is going to be seen in everything that we do.

All of our installers have gone through courses to ensure they comply with all the standards of the industry. Having a knowledgeable crew ensures each job is done perfectly, each time.

Our Core Values

As well as having certified installers, we also have some core values that every member of our team is going to live up to. The core values of Bathroom Pros NJ help us ensure that we are always customer-focused and provide the best that we can. Our core values include:

  • Enthusiasm: We want every member of our team to be proud and passionate about what they do.
  • Accountability: We also hold accountability at a high level. Everyone handles their performance and their actions.
  • Growth: We want to be even better than what we are now. There is never a time when there is no room for growth. Whether this is learning better techniques or just approaching each job with a customer focus mindset.
  • Discipline: In order to get every job done in the time frame that we promise, it is important that all our technicians stay on task and get the job completed as promised, while also doing it right the FIRST time.
  • Believe: Everyone at Bathroom Pros NJ believes in the bigger picture. We know that what we are doing is not only increasing the value of the home but providing homeowners with a beautiful bathroom that is going to enhance their life.
  • Loyalty: The loyalty that we have towards our customers is highly prized. We listen to our customers. We want to give them the bathroom of their dreams. So we listen, we comment, we question and we make sure that it gets done. Check out our customer reviews to see just how loyal we are to our customer’s needs!

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As a one-day bathroom installer, Bathroom Pros NJ is here to make your bathroom dreams come true. If you are tired of that outdated or ill-performing bathroom, then it is time to take the leap and make a change.

We offer a free quote to anyone that is considering a bathroom remodel. Contact us today to get started and see just what we can do for you.

We have hundreds of designs to choose from and many satisfied customers. Just think, in a few days after a quote, you could have the bathroom that you have always wanted to have!