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A North Jersey, NJ bathroom could need a remodel for an assortment of reasons – often, homeowners want to replace an outdated or underutilized bathtub.

Bathtubs can be a hassle when simply trying to take a shower, or even worse – there is the risk of slipping and falling. What’s more, old bathtubs are prone to cracking and water leakage, have cleanliness issues, and make the overall bathroom look antiquated and out of date.

We recognized outdated bathtubs as a critical problem area of comprehensive bathroom remodels – therefore, we focused on developing an efficient and affordable tub-to-shower conversion service.

The result – an impeccably fast one-day tub-to-shower conversion from Bathroom Pros, NJ.

How We Convert Your North Jersey, NJ Bathtub To
A Modern-Day Shower In One Day

Many North Jersey, NJ customers ask us – “can you really convert my old bathtub into a shower in as little as one day?” Of course, our answer is a resounding, “Yes!” But don’t take our word for it – we have hundreds of reviews and case studies from extremely-satisfied customers.

But how do we do it? Our streamlined process is the driving force behind every bathroom remodel project here at Bathroom Pros NJ. Over the years, we’ve honed our workflow so we can consistently achieve the amazing feat of converting your tub to a shower in as little as one day.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of our tried-and-tested 5-step tub-to-shower process:

Step 1: The Initial Phone Call

A cordial customer service representative will call you to match you with the perfect design consultant. The representative will then schedule the most convenient time for you to receive your free in-home design consultation with a uniformed member of our team.

Step 2: Free Estimate And Professional Design Session

On the day of your free North Jersey, NJ, in-home design consultation, you can expect the design consultant to arrive at your home on time. They will bring actual materials to present and show you a visualization of your new shower in real time!

To help you better plan your new bathroom, we’ve created an easy-to-use design tool. After you’ve created a design with our online tool, the design consultant will have access to it on their tablet. This enhances the collaborative experience, ensuring your feedback and needs are taken into full consideration.

Finally, the design consultant will take detailed measurements of your bathroom to send to our manufacturer.

Step 3: Material Manufacturing

Our manufacturer, Bath Planet, will then take the specifications of your bathroom and make the specific cuts of premium acrylic material needed for your tub-to-shower conversion.

Step 4: Installation

The installation process is where Bathroom Pros, NJ, truly shines – our workers will fully display their efficiency and professionalism!

Here are the key features of our stress-free installation process:

  • Our workers carefully transport your bathroom materials and arrive in a branded van.
  • During the process, workers do all they can to avoid intrusion as much as possible – going through the garage if the customer requests that.
  • If further cuts are needed for the materials to fit down to the millimeter, our crew will perform the additional cuts back outside at the cargo van.
  • After the quick installation of your new shower, our crew will painstakingly clean your home, ensuring any trace of our crew is removed.

Step 5: Your Complete Satisfaction

The best part of all – enjoying your new stress-free shower knowing the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and a Lifetime Guarantee cover your materials.

The Key Benefits Of Our North Jersey, NJ
Tub-To-Shower Conversions

North Jersey, NJ homeowners need a contractor they can trust to properly convert their tub to a shower. While there are many reasons Bathroom Pros, NJ is the best choice for the job, we think these are the most important:

1. No Liners Under Any Circumstances

Many bath remodelers will use a liner to cover your shower, which is prone to bubbling and eventual water damage.

We avoid this by gutting the shower and installing layers of waterproofing protection before installing your precisely-cut and high-quality acrylic.

2. Accessibility Features

We excel in bathroom accessibility – here is a glimpse at what we have to offer for making your shower extremely accessible for your needs:

  • Grab Bars for easy access
  • Show Seats for maximum comfort
  • Hand Showerheads for total body cleanliness
  • Slip-reducing Flooring for safety and care
  • Corning Shelving for easy storage

3. Very Little Upkeep

Our high-quality acrylic is coated with antimicrobial gel making it much less prone to various growths found in other materials.

Also, without grout joints, your shower remains 100% waterproof and cleaner as it reduces the presence of mold spores.

With superb acrylic, an occasional wipe-down is all it needs!

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Your New Dream Shower

If you’re a North Jersey, NJ homeowner looking to upgrade your old and tired bathtub into something extraordinary, like a sleek and modern shower, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Call us at (732) 285-1010, or contact us online to kickstart work on the tub-to-shower conversion of your dreams today!