Walk In Tub Installation in North Jersey, NJ

The Top 5 Beneficial Reasons To Consider A
Walk-In Tub For Your North Jersey, NJ Bath

Bathroom Pros, NJ Installs First-Rate
Luxury Walk-In Tubs

The bathtub is a calming place to unwind after a long day in North Jersey, NJ – it can soothe tense muscles, put the mind at ease, and relieve stress.

Unfortunately, because many bathtubs are outdated, an otherwise relaxing bath can be plagued with a series of problems that make the experience unenjoyable.

Luckily, we’re the bathtub and bathroom accessibility experts in North Jersey, NJ. Before we dig into the specifics of premium walk-in tub solutions, let’s cover some of the most common bathtub problem areas you may be encountering.

Common Problems Reported With Traditional Or
Old Bathtubs

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many North Jersey, NJ homeowners – so we know very well about the problems they’re experiencing with their bathtubs. Here is what our experts see:

  • Being too small in size – this makes a comfortable bath nearly impossible.
  • Cumbersome to enter and exit – dangerous for anyone, especially older homeowners.
  • Old and worn down – this gives your bathtub a dirty appearance no matter how much it’s cleaned.
  • Poor water pressure – a bath should be relaxing, not a time-consuming activity.
  • Poor ergonomics – this makes a bath uncomfortable and damaging to posture.
  • Mold – dangerous and constant growths on old, improperly coated bathtubs pose a health hazard.

Not only can Bathroom Pros, NJ, solve all of these common bathtub issues, but we will switch them to positives with our premier walk-in bathtub installation

The Top 5 Benefits To A Luxury Walk-In Tub For
Your North Jersey, NJ Home

Whether it’s for an older-aged homeowner needing a more comfortable way to enter and exit your bathtub or someone just wanting a luxury-bath experience – here is our list of the top 5 benefits a walk-in tub from Bathroom Pros, NJ offers:

1. Convenience

Walk-in tubs are inherently designed with convenience in mind. Everything is within reach, from the jet controls and faucet knobs to the storage shelves for things such as body wash and aromas.

Simply put – convenience is built into the design of a walk-in tub, making it an excellent choice for convenience.

2. Safety

Each walk-in tub has a low-step swinging door that allows safe entry and exit. It is completely sealed and waterproof to prevent any leaking.

3. Independence

The feeling of independence gained from being able to use the bathtub on your own will be a life-changing benefit. Imagine a homeowner being able to rely only on themself instead of burdening others whenever wanting to take a bath.

This perk may seem too good to be true, but we can assure you, it’s reality – our walk-in tubs are that good.

4. Luxury

There are many benefits to a walk-in tub – not least the luxurious feeling of owning one. With two different types of hydrotherapy offered, it’s like having a spa right within the comfort of your own home.

5. Value

Bathroom Pros, NJ, offers flexible payment options, including a generous financing program. Beyond that, we guarantee the materials of your new bathtub with a lifetime warranty and a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

What You Can Expect From A Bathroom Pros, NJ Walk-In
Bathtub For Your North Jersey, NJ Bathroom

Premium Acrylic Quality

Instead of using cheap liner, Bathroom Pros NJ only uses multiple and precise cuts of premium 

acrylic for our North Jersey, NJ walk-in tub remodels.

Many other contractors will use a cheap liner, which risks leaking. What makes our method different is the fact that we use multiple layers to guarantee a water-tight seal.

Not us – our high-quality acrylic is guaranteed for a lifetime and requires low-to-no maintenance for a lifetime.

Therapeutic Benefits

Some of the therapeutic benefits you may enjoy with our premium walk-in tubs include:

  • Hydrotherapy jet massage – powerful yet gentle and relaxing jets to massage tense muscles.
  • Air bubble therapy – bubble-producing jets that help with blood circulation.
  • Color Chromotherapy – different light colors which can improve mood and help insomnia.
  • Aromatherapy – an optional scent-producing addition that can help the brain release positive chemicals.
  • Ozone Therapy and Purification – purifies the water, aiding with skin health.

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