Bathroom Remodel in Ocean County, NJ

You Can Now Get A Full Bathroom Remodel
In Just 2 Days In Ocean County, NJ

How Bathroom Pros NJ Accomplishes
This Amazing Feat

Ocean County, NJ homeowners don’t like waiting around – they want things done quickly. After all, Ocean County, NJ is home to one of the world’s fastest roller coasters – but that isn’t the only thing Ocean County, NJ residents are offered in terms of speed.

At Bathroom Pros NJ we offer lightning-fast 2-day full bathroom remodels with efficiency and speed that’s just as amazing as the towering 456-foot tall record-breaking Kingda Ka rollercoaster.

Does completing a full-bathroom remodel in only two days mean we sacrifice quality? Not at all – we’ve streamlined our bathroom remodeling process down to a science, ensuring our customers get both speed and top quality.

Here’s how.

We’ve Streamlined Our Full Bathroom Remodel Process

A full bathroom remodeling project isn’t only about the end result but also the process. Too often are Ocean County, NJ homeowners faced with a slew of frustrating delays and unpredictable working times of contractors and subcontractors during a full bathroom remodel.

We intelligently avoid this by making the entire process as streamlined as possible – easily divided into five clear and distinct steps:

  1. The Initial Phone Calla caring customer service representative will ask the necessary questions to pair you with the correct Design Consultant. You will then be scheduled for a free in-home design consultation.
  2. Free Estimate Coupled With A Free Design Consultation – equipped with a tablet and cutting-edge design software, our uniformed and professional Design Consultant will show you, in real time, various looks and styles your dream bathroom could become.
  3. Bath Planet Manufacturing – after precise measurements are taken by the Design Consultant, our manufacturer, Bath Planet, will begin to prepare all of the necessary materials for your seamless 2-day installation. During this process, we will remain in constant contact with you, so you know that everything is going as planned.
  4. Installation – Our crew could best be described as a “colony of ants,” with the efficiency and professionalism they display on the installation day. Once the project is promptly finished, not a single crumb will be left behind.
  5. Enjoyment – the best part of all is the enjoyment you will have from the stress-free experience and knowing there is a lifetime warranty on your new acrylic tub and shower.

The Bathroom Solutions You Can Expect
With Our Full Remodel

Streamlining our process is just the beginning – how we produce a quality outcome is our winning touch. From the highly durable and gorgeous material we choose to work with to the limitless design options, our Ocean County, NJ full bath remodels aren’t just speedy – they’re top of the line.

An Abundance Of Design Options

Whether you wish to convert your tub into a shower, replace your current shower or tub, or build a walk-in tub for accessibility – we completely gut it to ensure a waterproof finish.

No-Liner Tub Replacement

When we say water tightness, we mean no linersthese do not work in the long run! Liners only cause headaches for homeowners at some point down the line.

We avoid this by removing the existing tub or shower and making it water-tight from the inside, ensuring a lifetime of zero stress and worry about water leakage.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Given that high-quality acrylic and “LVT,” or Luxury Vinyl Tile, are our materials of choice means less upkeep and stress for you. Unlike traditional porcelain or natural stone, LVT is extremely durable without sacrificing a genuine look.

Our Team Is Wholly Dedicated To Your
Complete Satisfaction

We aren’t just in the Ocean County, NJ bathroom remodeling business – we’re in the business of complete customer satisfaction. It’s written in our core values – from the promises we keep to the jobs we get done:

  • Enthusiasm – we don’t just go through the motions. We do it with gusto.
  • Accountability – everyone makes mistakes from time to time – and we own up to ours.
  • Growth – mistakes are made in vain if they’re not made into learning moments.
  • Discipline – enthusiasm alone cannot last a lifetime; that’s where our discipline comes into play.
  • Believe – we have a clear and definite belief in our company and our overall purpose.
  • Loyalty – we serve our Ocean County community where it needs it most.

These core values result in not just happy, but ecstatic customers. Are you ready to join our growing list of delighted Ocean County, NJ customers?

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Ocean County, NJ is a special place to us – we’re extremely proud to be based and serve here. If you reside further out from Ocean County, NJ, no need to fear, we serve many counties in North, South, and Central New Jersey.

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