Accessibility In Burlington County, NJ

Bathroom Accessibility In Burlington County, NJ

Limit Falls And Injuries With The Proper Bathroom

Getting older means a life of lessons learned and memories made. However, it also means an increased chance of falling and injuries in your Burlington County, NJ home.

Bathrooms are one of the riskiest rooms in the home and pose many hazards for aging adults. Why is this the case? Bathrooms are not typically initially designed for easy accessibility, and there are several hazards that could cause injury to older individuals.

Burlington County, NJ Bathroom Accessibility Options

Having a more accessible bathroom is not just a dream for many homeowners, but it is a necessity. Slips and falls can take away the independence of many older individuals, so doing what you can to prevent these accidents from occurring is key!

If your Burlington County, NJ bathroom needs to be more accessible, we have several options to make this happen!

Install A New Shower Or Walk-In Tub

If your old tub or shower is becoming a hazard, we offer walk-in tubs and showers that are going to make it easier for those with mobility issues to use.

Our walk-in tubs and showers are made of acrylic, meaning they are easier to clean while also being extremely tough and beautiful.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

After taking a shower or bath, the bathroom floor can often become slippery. With our slip-resistant flooring, the chances of falling are greatly diminished.

We offer flooring that is made from the highest grade of vinyl, yet with design options that make it look like real tile or wood.

Lowering Vanities

For those who need to sit while at their bathroom sink, whether this is because they are in a wheelchair or cannot stand for long periods of time, we can simply lower the vanity in the bathroom.

This brings the vanity down to a lower level to have easier use of the bathroom sink and view your reflection in the mirror.

Additional Safety Options

We offer numerous additional safety elements you will want to consider for your Burlington County, NJ bathroom. These options include:

  • Grip bars installed near the toilet
  • Removable shower heads
  • Bench seats installed into the tub or shower
  • Towel bars within reach easy
  • Grip bars for the inside of a tub or shower

Luxury Features

Accessibility is the goal for your bathroom transformation, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury! We offer several high-end options to make your bathroom feel like a spa day:

  • Rain Showerheads
  • Aromatherapy Diffusers
  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lighting
  • Ozone Therapy

With our luxury features, you can get the bathroom of your dreams that is not only going to be safer for you but will have those features that allow you to relax and feel ten times better.

Why Choose Us To Work With?

When accessibility is the end goal for your bathroom, why call the professionals at Bathroom Pros NJ? Because we are the experts when it comes to bathroom accessibility remodels!

All of our crews are trained to be ADA compliant along with extensive knowledge of what a bathroom needs for someone with accessibility issues. We may even make suggestions you have yet to think of, ensuring that your bathroom is a safer place for you.

Others turn to us because of our fast turnaround. Depending upon what is being done to your bathroom, we can complete your remodel in a very short period of time. In just a matter of days, your bathroom could be safer, a huge plus for those worried about accessibility issues.

We offer a rip-and-replace installation for your tub or shower. We do not use liners which many other companies do. With a complete replacement, this ensures a better fit!

Our lifetime guarantee is a huge reason why many Burlington County, NJ homeowners choose to work with us. Our warranty for your tub or shower ensures:

  • The tub or shower will never fade, bubble, yellow, crack or peel.
  • As long as you own the home, you have this warranty, and once you sell the home, this warranty transfers to the new homeowners if this is done within two years of installation.
  • All of our bathroom products have the “Good Housekeeping” Seal Of Approval. This Seal Of Approval is only given to the highest quality products on the market.

Overall, when you opt to have your bathroom become more accessible in your Burlington County, NJ home, you want to go with the professionals who know your needs best. We are those professionals!

FAQ About Bathroom Accessibility

Do we offer financing on accessibility upgrades?

Yes, we do! Our most popular plan is no interest, no payment for 18 months.

Do you have someone to help with the design process?

Absolutely! We have hundreds of designs to choose from, and we can work with you to find one which fits your ideal bathroom and individual accessibility needs.

Will my life be disrupted during the installation process?

We take only one to two days to remodel your bathroom to be more accessible, followed by an extensive cleaning process. Our goal is to ensure that you not only get an accessible bathroom but also do not cut into your day-to-day life more than we absolutely have to.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I had my shower remodeled by Bathroom Pros and they did a fantastic job! Scheduling was fast and easy. Install was clean and done very well.”
– Charquelle M.

“Really good reliable experience from the initial visit to the completed work.”
– Lisa G.

“This company is AMAZING. Their workers Will and Zack are a great team. Very professional, and know their stuff. They did a GREAT job 💯%”
– Hector S.

“They did a fabulous job. Shower stall looks wonderful.”
– Doris G.

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Making your bathroom more accessible will eliminate the potential for slips and falls. With our services, you will not only have an accessible bathroom but one that is luxurious and catered to your individual needs.

For a free estimate for your Burlington County, NJ bathroom, contact us today via our website or call 732-285-1010. We look forward to making your bathroom more accessible!