Bathroom Remodel in Burlington County, NJ

A Gorgeous And Functional Bathroom Is
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Let Bathroom Pros NJ Handle Your Bathroom Remodel

When a bathroom is out of date or simply doesn’t fit your needs anymore, it can be a real pain. Besides being a pain, it can embarrass you to let others see it, and overall give you a feeling of gloom and doom because you hate it so much. The good news is that you can get a bathroom remodel that will totally change your perspective on your bathroom.

Bathroom Pros NJ offers bathroom remodels that are going to not only help increase the appeal of your bathroom, but we have options that can help to customize it to your individual needs. With us handling your bathroom remodel, you get a gorgeous bathroom that is also functional!

Bathroom Remodel In Burlington County, NJ

When you think of a bathroom remodel, you may think of demolition resulting in not being able to use your bathroom for months. However, at Bathroom Pros NJ, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, we complete a bathroom remodel in just two days.

And in those two days, we can do a lot to make your bathroom what you have always dreamed of having. We offer several services as part of our bathroom remodel.

The Bathing Area

In the bathing area, regardless of what you have installed right now, we can change this up. We offer a full replacement, not just a liner, which means you are getting top-quality products.

We can turn your current tub into a shower, the shower into a new tub, or even convert it into walk-in tub if needed. We offer a full lifetime warranty on whichever bathing option you decide to go with for your bathroom.


We change out your current flooring to LVT flooring, which stands for luxury vinyl tile. This type of flooring is great for the bathroom since it can take a lot of high traffic and still maintain its beauty.

The styles of our LVT flooring are very realistic in that we can offer a wood look or even a marble look. It is 100% waterproof and resistant to scratches, stains, and wear.

The Rest Of Your Bathroom

We are going to upgrade the other areas of your bathroom as well. This includes:

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls
  • Installing new cabinets that are more modern
  • Adding in new light fixtures for an updated look
  • Installing a new toilet

We give your bathroom the facelift it needs with quality products so that you are super excited to see the end results.

Why Choose Bathroom Pros NJ For Your Bathroom Remodel?

We have a five-star rating within the Burlington County, NJ area, and that is just one reason that so many people turn to us for their bathroom remodel. Other reasons people turn to us:

  • We do the rip and replace method. Too many times people are taken in by companies that offer one-day installation, only to find that they are simply placing a pretty liner over the current tub or shower. That is only a temporary fix.
  • We offer a full bathroom remodel in just two days, and we do this without changing the actual structure of the room. We work within the size of your current bathroom, and also within the plumbing structures.
  • We have trained all of the professionals on our crews to do bathroom remodels, and they all love this type of work. When you love what you do, it shows in the end product!
  • We only use the best acrylic materials for tubs and showers to ensure that they are going to last for the lifetime that you are in your home.
  • We are ADA Compliant, offering solutions for those who may have mobility issues or disabilities that make a regular bathroom harder to use.

FAQ About A Bathroom Remodel

Q: How long will it take to complete a bathroom remodel in the Burlington County, NJ area?

This is what makes Bathroom Pros NJ the people to turn to. We can complete a bathroom remodel in just two days…not two months. In a two-day time frame, you can have a bathroom that fits your every need!

Q: How do you do a bathroom remodel in just two days?

We will not change the overall structure of the bathroom. Meaning that your shower or tub will still be in the same location, as well as your vanity, sink, and toilet.

Q: How does one choose the type of bathroom remodel that would fit the space

We have hundreds of designs to choose from, and our professionals are going to recommend just which design will fit into the space that you have. We can also take into consideration any special needs you may have, such as needing a walk-in tub installed.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“The installers Jake & Will are the best! Very professional! My bathroom looks absolutely gorgeous! You won’t be disappointed!”
– Charlotte S.

“They were courteous, conscientious, efficient, hardworking and cleaned up afterwards better than it had been before.”
– Wendy B.

“He was very professional and definitely knew his stuff. Three workers (Rob, Tom and Jake) arrived at 8:00 am. They finished at 6:00 and wow!!”
– Shelia K.

A Free Quote Is Right Around The Corner

If your bathroom is feeling outdated, or you simply hate it, then why waste time trying to find small ways to make it look better? Many people think a coat of paint will help, and while it may for a while, it is not a permanent solution.

The permanent solution to a beautiful bathroom that you love is through contacting the professionals at Bathroom Pros NJ for a free quote on a bathroom remodel for your Burlington County, NJ home. This is free, so you have nothing to lose, so call today at 732-285-1010.