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A walk-in tub is just one bathroom improvement that many Burlington County, NJ homeowners are making. Their reasons for doing this may be for comfort or for mobility issues.

Here at Bathroom Pros NJ, we have tons of experience in helping those who are older and those with mobility issues get a bathroom tub that is going to allow them to still keep their independence, while still relaxing.

Walk-In Tubs In Burlington County, NJ

For those who want a stress-free bathing experience that is pleasant and comfortable, then walk-in tubs are the best option for your Burlington County, NJ home. Walk-in tubs allow for the bathtub experience, without having to deal with getting in and out of the bathtub.

With this being said, our walk-in tubs have tons of luxury additions to ensure that you are getting the best tub to fit your individual needs.

The Safety Features

With a walk-in tub installed in your bathroom, you are going to find that this allows for more safety features to be present in your home. If you were to think about the current shower or the tub that you have, is it safe?

This is where a walk-in tub comes into the picture. The safety features of walk-in tubs include:

  • A seat in the tub to make it easier to sit down and simply relax.
  • The tub is quick draining and quick filling, so there is no waiting period to start your bath.
  • We can add safety features like a towel bar on the outside of the walk-in tub to reduce the risk of slipping and falling once stepping out. We can also include handrails and other features to ensure you are completely safe while taking a bath.

The Luxury Features

What makes the walk-in tubs we offer to Burlington County, NJ homeowners better than your standard walk-in tub is the fact that we have several additional features that can add to the luxury level. These features include:

  • Having water jets massage the body to help relieve muscle pain.
  • Air bubble therapy options help you feel weightless while in the tub.
  • Having color chromotherapy installed with the tub helps relieve stress, seasonal affective disorder, and other issues.
  • Ozone therapy and purification help purify the water which can heal the skin and even help your breathing.

Lifetime Guarantee

Those who choose to go with walk-in tubs whether they are doing this for safety reasons, or they simply want the luxurious feel that this offers, will find that Bathroom Pros NJ offers a lifetime guarantee.

We install walk-in tubs perfectly within your space to ensure there are no leaks, and it fits snugly. We do not do the liner approach that many other businesses use.

Our walk-in tubs are made from acrylic, which is much stronger than the fiberglass options that many other businesses use. Acrylic is virtually maintenance-free…a huge plus to those who want quality without the extra work.

Why Work With Us

In Burlington County, NJ, we are proud to say that we have serviced hundreds of bathrooms, installed walk-in tubs, new showers and even total bathroom remodels. Our five-star rating speaks to just how satisfied people have been with the work that we do for them.

Many people are turning to us for their walk-in tubs, and for good reason. These reasons include:

  • We only use fully employed craftsmen. All of our craftsmen are trained in installing walk-in tubs, so there are no worries that it will be installed incorrectly.
  • The entire process is stress-free. We arrive, get the work done, clean up our mess, and let you have full reign over your new tub.
  • We only use the rip and replace method, we never use liners! This is important for those who truly want the best of the best in walk-in tubs.
  • We specialize in ADA-Compliant bathing experience, as a huge portion of our business comes from seniors who are having mobility issues.

FAQ About Walk-In Tubs

Q: Are walk-in tubs just for those with mobility issues?

Absolutely not! Many families have walk-in tubs installed in their homes, despite not having mobility issues. Walk-in tubs offer a stress-free and relaxing experience, which is what many people want in their bathroom.

Q: How long will it take to install walk-in tubs?

We offer a one-day installation with our walk-in tubs. We will arrive at the time we specify, rip out your old tub, correct any damage that may be present, and then install a walk-in tub into the space. We will then clean up all the mess so that your walk-in tub is ready to be used.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“The sale person was very nice took his time to explain everything, no pressure to purchase. I will recommend the products and services.”
– Jose J.R. Jr.

“They lived up to that promise and I can go forward with my surgery knowing a new walk in tub awaits me. The installers that did the work did so tirelessly.”
– Mindy L.

“I cannot stress enough how professional, efficient and friendly everyone was at Bathroom Pros. I would highly recommend their services!! “
– Robin M.

Free Quotes For Walk-In Tubs

Here at Bathroom Pros NJ, we want your Burlington County, NJ home to have the bathroom of your dreams. And if you dream of a walk-in tub, then be sure to contact us today to get a quote. These quotes are completely free and we can go over all the options that we can include, so you get the perfect walk-in tub. Call today at 732-285-1010.