This Customer Fell In Love With Bathroom Pros & Enjoyed Every
Part Of The Remodeling Process

Project: Bathtub Remodeling; Full Bathroom Remodeling; Shower Remodeling;
Area: Toms River, NJ

Margaret first heard of Bathroom Pros when she received a Bathroom Pros flyer in the mail. Bathroom Pros seemed like the dream New Jersey remodeling company – caring, professional, efficient, and meticulous. Almost too good to be true!

But every last word in the flyer was 100% confirmed when Margaret spoke to a neighbor who used Bathroom Pros. Her neighbor’s bathroom was beautiful, and she only had extremely positive things to say about her experience. That sealed the deal for Margaret.

A Dream Design Consultation

When Margaret met Jerry, her Bathroom Pros design consultant, she instantly knew that Bathroom Pros was the right company to remodel her bathroom.

“Jerry stayed for as long as I needed. He was very personable, and I enjoyed working with him,” Margaret said.

Jerry stayed in Margaret’s home for over an hour – answering her questions, explaining the process, and helping her choose products and materials. Margaret even had her sister come over, and Jerry explained everything to her as well.

Jerry told Margaret her bathroom would be fully done in a day – and that’s exactly what happened.

Every one of our design consultants is friendly, caring, and professional. Meet Jerry and the other Bathroom Pros key players.

No Hint Of Mess

Margaret’s meeting with Jerry showed her exactly what Bathroom Pros is all about. When installation day arrived, the installers displayed that same passion and compassion that guides every Bathroom Pros employee.

“They were perfect gentlemen. They were friendly. They cared about my house. And they were ready and willing to answer any questions I had,” Margaret said.

The Bathroom Pros installers didn’t just give a respectful impression – they worked hard to keep Margaret’s house in mint condition. They put covers on the floors, took out all the garbage, and left Margaret’s bathroom perfectly clean and ready to use.

Cleanup is a crucial part of the Bathroom Pros process. We don’t leave your home until it’s just as clean, if not cleaner, than it was when we started working on your bathroom.

Exactly As Advertised

When Margaret first saw the Bathroom Pros flyer, she was skeptical. Was it really possible for Bathroom Pros to remodel her bathroom in just ONE day? And could remodeling her bathroom really be completely stress-free?

“Everybody hates to get work done in their home,” Margaret said.

But after choosing Bathroom Pros to remodel her bathroom, Margaret couldn’t be happier. Not only was her experience entirely hassle-free, but she also LOVED the process. Best of all, she had a brand new, ready-to-use shower in just one day.

At Bathroom Pros, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and precise installation. We install your new bathroom in ONE day – and we do that without sacrificing the quality of installation.

Spreading The Joy

Margaret loved her bathroom remodeling experience – and the stunning results. So much so that she invited some people to look at her gorgeous new bathroom and sent them our way.

Margaret is just one of many thrilled Bathroom Pros customers. Read rave reviews from our satisfied customers.

YOUR Bathroom Can Be Next

If you’re an NJ homeowner and you’re looking for a remodeling company that is obsessed with providing the best customer experience, contact Bathroom Pros.

Want to design your dream bathroom right now? Use the Dream Bathroom Visualizer to make your dreams come alive.

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