We’re The NJ Bathroom Remodeler
Not Afraid To Tell You “No”

Some Companies Tell You Anything You Want To Hear,
As Long It Gets Them A Sale. We’re Different.

At Bathroom Pros New Jersey, we TRULY believe that our bathroom remodeling solutions are the best value for our customers. Our shower, bathtub, and other bathroom remodeling services are…

  • Lifetime guaranteed
  • Stunningly beautiful
  • Installed quickly (typically one to two days)

When you invite us to your home, we explain our services, products, and processes in detail. And if you decide we’re not the right company for you after you have this information, that’s absolutely fine. No hard feelings!

But what we won’t do—even if you request it—is entertain the idea of installing a lower-quality solution for you. We truly stand behind our product and installation as the best value for homeowners.

So if you ask us for, say, a cheap acrylic liner solution, we’ll have to politely decline the job. Again, no hard feelings! The simple truth is that we will not compromise on quality just to land a sale.

Not All New Jersey Bathroom Remodelers Feel This Way

We’ve heard from homeowners that some bathroom remodeling contractors take a different approach. You might call it the “Anything To Get A Sale” Method.

It typically works like this…

A bathroom remodeler will show up to the home, do their presentation, and provide the homeowner with a price. The homeowner will tell the remodeler that the price is too high. The remodeler then shifts gears and immediately says they can install a lower-quality solution for a cheaper price.

Now, this might seem like the remodeler is trying to work within the homeowner’s budget. And in certain instances, this may indeed be the case.

But a low-quality solution is a low-quality solution. Even if the bathroom remodeler means well, they’re still offering you a subpar shower or tub.

And you know the saying: “The most expensive project is the one that has to be done twice.”

We Don’t Play The “Do Anything” Game

At Bathroom Pros NJ, we refuse to play the “do anything to get the sale” game. We’d rather educate you in a friendly way about our top-notch products and service… provide you with a firm and fair price… and then let you decide what works best for you. It’s just that simple.

Here’s how our process differs from the “Do Anything” companies:

  • We discuss your budget BEFORE we make product and design selections. Having a number in mind PRIOR to the design helps make sure we keep within cost.
  • If we have a special discount available, we calculate that into your quote right from the start. We treat all our customers the same, and we don’t do any special “wheeling and dealing” to see if we can talk one customer into paying more.
  • If the quote ends up being over your budget, we offer some truly great financing options. Even if you don’t have the cash on hand right then and there, you can STILL easily get the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

What we WON’T do? Say “yes” to offering up a low-quality, cheap solution like a flimsy acrylic liner—even if that means it costs us the sale.

The great news is that we’re able to accommodate most budgets because of the items mentioned above. This means we provide you with the best possible quality at the best possible value. Period.

Would You Like A Free Consultation & Quote?

We provide free bathroom remodeling quotes in New Jersey. If you’d like a fair and honest price from a company that truly believes in the product we install, reach out to us to get started!