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Incredible Bathroom Remodeling In Atlantic County, NJ

Interested in remodeling your bathroom? Wanting to make some incredible updates that will make your bathroom truly standout? At Bathroom Pros, we can make it happen. With a team of incredible remodelers and installers, we are passionate about working with you to create a beautiful and high-functioning bathroom with some amazing features. Our bathroom remodeling projects in Atlantic County, NJ are incredibly important to us. You may have recently started looking for some inspiration online or perhaps you have always wanted to make some updates or completely start from scratch. Our design team can help you through this fun and enjoyable process and help you turn your vision into a reality. So, are you ready to start the process?

Bathroom Pros Is The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in New Jersey

Why are we the best? Because we are able to offer you truly luxurious solutions for all of your bathroom needs. We also make a promise to our customers that we abide by an ethical code with high moral standards which leads to high-quality installation and a dedication to hard work. Bathroom Pros only brings on highly-trained experts that are certified and licensed. We want to make sure our customers are happy and offer a 100% guarantee to you and that is very unique in our industry. If you are ready to really make a difference in your bathroom, we are the top company to think about because of our promise to you. Now that you know a little about Bathroom Pros in Atlantic County, New Jersey, let’s look at some important factors to consider when selecting a bathroom remodeling company.

Find Out What Our Company Is All About

We always suggest that homeowners take their time to do their research before they start a bathroom remodeling project. Bathroom Pros is confident that when you research our organization you will see our reviews, our licensing, and our work. But here are some answers to some questions you may have about us:

We are licensed and certified. This is a question you should always ask any home remodeling company out there. Licensed and certified experts have to abide by certain rules and regulations, and we also have to make sure that we are completing jobs with the highest-quality work possible. We also don’t just walk away after completing your bathroom remodeling job. This is why we offer a warranty. There are many companies out there that may offer a warranty, but it’s important to find out exactly what is included in that warranty.

Cost is another question we typically get from our homeowners. It’s important to always consider your budget before you decide on your project. Projects like tub and shower conversions or certain updates can be completed in just one day. If you are considering a much larger project like full bathroom remodeling that covers opening up walls to create more space and widening hallways, those projects will take a bit longer and involve a higher cost. So, consider what you are looking for with your bathroom space and we can easily help you out with your budget and all of the details. You may also be wondering about the types of products we work with. The manufacturers that we choose are only the best so we can provide you with the finest tile, vanities, tubs, fixtures and showers out there.

Sometimes, there has been a change of lifestyle. In fact, many homeowners will call us because they are having difficulty getting into the tub or there are some safety concerns that have prompted a remodel. We can help with this. We are trained in ADA-certified products and can make your bathroom more accessible. We offer many choices for shower to tub conversions, which include grab bars, non-slip flooring, and even seating within the tub. These are all available to you if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom due to a change in lifestyle.

One of the best ways to find out more about us here at Bathroom Pros is to visit our online gallery.  This gallery is filled with incredible and visual ideas of what changes we can make to your bathroom to make it fully-functional.  It’s important to have a licensed professional look at your current bathroom to assess its needs and we can help you through that process too.

Bathroom Pros Is Easy To Work With

You should expect the best when working with a home remodeling company. We want to make sure that you do. Here at Bathroom Pros, there are many things you can expect by working with us on your bathroom remodeling project in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

  • We offer a Lifetime Warranty
  • Our Process Is Stress-Free
  • All of our Installers are Factory-Certified
  • Premium Products
  • ADA Accessibility Products & Installation
  • We Provide Easy Financing

Remember, we warranty our work and want to make sure you are fully-satisfied with not only your experience with us, but the final project.

A Testimonial From A Client in Atlantic County, NJ

“Needed to convert my bathroom due to someone in my house having a permanent motion disability. The teams that did the work did an excellent job at a speed and quality that was to be expected for this kind of job. The entire staff through the process were excellent to work with and provided great customer service (Thom from Sales also Hayley and Larry from Operations). They also didn’t leave any mess behind for us to deal with and cleaned up after all of their work. Not only did they do the tub to shower conversion, they also had to redo the floors and replace the vanity all of which came out fantastic. I would definitely recommend their services and work to anyone considering redoing their bathroom.”

-The Lamendola Family of Atlantic County, New Jersey

Available Services

Bathroom Pros offers many bathroom remodeling services, but here are some of the distinctive services that we are able to offer to you in Atlantic County, NJ. Notice that we also offer plumbing services to all of our homeowners:


Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do! We actually have a lot of special payment plans to help you achieve your bathroom remodeling goals.  Here is our financing page

Can you work in my bathroom if I am outside the Atlantic County, NJ area?

Yes, we can! Since we service all of New Jersey, we are able to reach out to you in Northern or Southern New Jersey as well.  Here is a link to all of our service areas:

Bathroom Pros Service Areas

Excited To Start Your Bathroom Remodeling Project?

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