Walk-In Tub Installation In Atlantic County, NJ

Walk-In Tub Installation In Atlantic County, NJ
By Bathroom Pros NJ

Comfort And Safety In One Place
With Walk-In Tub Installation

One of the biggest remodeling solutions that Bathroom Pros NJ handles in the Atlantic County, NJ area is walk-in tub installations. Walk-in tubs are often recommended for those who are older, however, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be luxurious.

If you live in the Atlantic County, NJ area, and believe it may be time to consider a walk-in tub, we have you covered.

Atlantic County, NJ Walk-In Tub Installation

One of the big selling points of walk-in tub installations is the fact that they make the bathing experience safer for older people who have trouble with mobility. Or those who have a fear of falling when getting in and out of the tub or shower.

These walk-in tubs are going to allow you to bathe easily without having to worry about stepping in and out of the tub. Instead, you simply step over a small ledge and shut the door. It creates a completely safe and risk-free experience.

Our process of installing a walk-in tub is fairly straightforward. We remove the current tub or shower that you have in your bathroom. And we check for any moisture-related damage underneath these fixtures.

We then install the acrylic walk-in tub. This is often done in several pieces to ensure that it fits properly into the area that you have. And voila, you have a walk-in tub installed in your Atlantic County, NJ home.

The Options With Walk-In Tubs

There are several extras that we offer to make your walk-in tub even more luxurious. We can include a shower wand that is easy to reach, as well as remote controls for the tub, bench heated seats, and a backrest to help relieve some of the stress from tired muscles.

And we even offer some therapeutic solutions to include with your walk-in tub. These solutions include:

  • Hydrotherapy jet massage: This is where jets are going to massage your entire body while still being in a walk-in tub to ensure your safety.
  • Air bubble therapy: This is going to be where the jet releases bubbles to create a massage type of effect that can help with circulation and also relieve joint pain.
  • Color chromotherapy. This type of therapy helps with your mood and enhances the relaxation while you’re enjoying your walk-in tub.
  • Aromatherapy: We can include several types of scents that can be turned on while in your walk-in tub to help you relax, invigorate yourself, or you can choose a scent that you simply love.
  • Ozone Therapy and Purification: With this option, the ozone is going to purify the water, which helps with skin conditions, and we are one of the few that have walk-in tubs with an ozone therapy control switch.

Why Choose Bathroom Pros NJ

One reason that so many people in the Atlantic County, NJ area turn to Bathroom Pros NJ is the fact that we have installed a ton of walk-in tubs. We consider ourselves the expert to turn to for walk-in tub installations.

Those who have chosen us for their walk-in tub installation often cite several reasons they worked with us. These reasons include.

  • Convenience: We can often install a walk-in tub within one day so that contractors coming in and out of your home do not disrupt your home life.
  • Safety: Those who choose a walk-in tub installation understand that their safety is something that they need to value and a walk-in tub ensures that there are no slips and falls. We truly understand the safety features and can help people choose the best option for their needs.
  • Independence: Many people who come to us do so because they want to keep their independence in their own home and a walk-in tub is one way of doing this. We understand this mindset and do our best to accommodate getting this installed.
  • Luxury: While we have the standard walk-ins tubs that people choose, we have so many extras that come with these walk-in tubs that they can create almost a spa-like feel in the bathroom.
  • Affordability: Many people do not have the funds to install a walk-in tub and that is why we offer financing options. We want to ensure that our customers can get the safest tub for them and still be able to afford this upgrade in their homes.

FAQ About Walk-In Tub Installations

Q: Do we offer a warranty on our walk-in tub installations?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on the products that we install in a home, including our walk-in tubs, as these are made from durable acrylic. Most people will find that their walk-in tubs will last for the entire time they own their home.

Q: How do our installers do this in just one day?

Installing walk-in tubs, regular tubs and showers is our job and we love what we do. Because of this love, we train in the latest procedures and only use the best products. It is that knowledge and love that helps us to make sure that this is done within one day.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“They lived up to that promise and I can go forward with my surgery knowing a new walk in shower awaits me. The installers that did the work did so tirelessly.”
– Mindy L.

“From beginning to end- outstanding! After researching many companies who offer “one day bath” types of service, this is the gold standard.”
– Percy L.

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