Walk In Tub Installation in Camden County, NJ

Walk-In Tubs For Luxury And Safety In
Camden County, NJ

If Mobility Issues Keep You From A Relaxing
Bath — Bathroom Pros NJ Has The Solution

Many Camden County, NJ, homeowners are taking the plunge and installing walk-in tubs into their bathrooms. Why are walk-in tubs becoming more popular? There are many reasons, but one often heard is homeowners want a luxurious bath even if dealing with mobility issues. 

We offer walk-in tubs with tons of extras at Bathroom Pros NJ to ensure a relaxing bathing experience. We want to help those in Camden County, NJ, realize that despite mobility issues, they do not have to give up certain types of luxuries.

Walk-In Tubs In Camden County, NJ

Homeowners’ main benefit of walk-in tubs is that they can offer peace of mind. No longer having to worry about getting in and out of a traditional tub, walk-in tubs still allow for the “tub” experience without the dangers or hassle.

Our Luxury Features

Our walk-in tubs are far better than a standard walk-in, and one of the reasons is because of the many luxury features we offer:

  • Water jets can be installed in the walk-in tub to help with stress and pain.
  • Air bubble therapy will create a soft massage effect, helping to loosen sore muscles.
  • Color chromotherapy is known to help those suffering from stress and other issues.
  • Ozone therapy and purification ensure the water is as clean as possible, helping the skin stay hydrated and breathe easier.

The Safety Features Of Our Walk-In Tubs

Many safety features are included with our walk-in tubs, and you can add the perfect combination to ensure you feel comfortable using this tub daily. These features include:

  • A seat inside the tub helps you avoid standing, and with the height of the bench, those with mobility issues can get in and out more quickly. 
  • Our tubs are quick draining and filling, which means no waiting around to get in and out of the tub.
  • Optional safety features we can add include items like a towel bar outside the tub, handrails inside the tub, and the like. 

Top Quality Walk-In Tubs Backed By A Lifetime Guarantee

Yes, you read that right! We offer a lifetime guarantee on the walk-in tubs we install into your Camden County, NJ bathroom.

Our walk-in tubs are made from acrylic — a much stronger material than traditional fiberglass. Acrylic also gives the bonus of being maintenance-free, reducing the scrubbing you may have to do with your current tub.

Along with quality materials, our dedication to ensuring a perfect fit each time is why we stand behind our walk-in tubs and installation with a lifetime guarantee.

Why People Choose Bathroom Pros NJ In
Camden County, NJ

When you need a walk-in tub or luxury bathroom products, we are the professionals Camden County, NJ homeowners call. We are proud to be a part of the community and always do our best to ensure customer satisfaction is 100% on every project.

do complete >installations in one day. Yes, just one day!

Our craftsmen are trained in installing walk-in tubs perfectly the first time and strive to ensure the work area is clean and ready to go for you. In addition, our experts are ADA-compliant, meaning we have a solution for any mobility issue.

Our Core Values

Aside from the one-day installation we offer, our core values are a significant reason people turn to us for their walk-in tub installation. Our core values include:

  • Loyalty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Discipline
  • Believe

These values combine to create a stress-free experience for our customers and cater to your individual needs and want.

FAQ About Walk-In Tubs

Why Do We Only Use Acrylic Products?

A big part of helping with your mobility issues is our choice of using acrylic materials. For those with mobility issues, cleaning a tub can be dangerous as it can lead to slips and falls. Thanks to the acrylic materials we use – which clean easily, you can reduce your chances of an accident.

What Types Of Issues Can Walk-In Tubs Help?

Walk-in tubs can help ailments like arthritis, muscle pain, stress, energy loss, diabetes, rheumatism, insomnia, and even daily aches and pains.

What Are The Top Reasons For Opting For Walk-In Tubs?

We have listened to those who have chosen a walk-in tub in their bathroom for years. People’s main reasons include convenience, safety, independence, luxury, and affordability.

Do We Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer to finance those looking to install a walk-in tub in their Camden County, NJ home. We offer plans that include 18 months of no interest and no payment, payment plans based on how much you want to pay per day, and much more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The installation was done in one day and done with expert precision. The installers were courteous and cleanly and cleaned up as they went.” – Kristopher D.

“He was very professional and definitely knew his stuff. Three workers (Rob, Tom and Jake) arrived at 8:00 am. They finished at 6:00 and wow!!” – Shelia K.

“What an absolutely professional experience from the quote and financing through finished project, every person I came into contact with was friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with.” – Jill S.

“From beginning to end – outstanding! After researching many companies who offer “one-day bath” types of service, this is the gold standard.” – Percy L.

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If you are facing mobility issues, yet want to keep your tub experience in your Camden County, NJ home, then a walk-in tub is your best option.

Get a quote today for your Camden County, NJ, walk-in tub installation by contacting us or calling 732-285-1010!